Monday, January 2, 2017

Uno's Pizza

It's Christmas 2016 finally! It's kinda my favourite season of the year as I like all the lovey dovey and sweet Christmas decorations everywhere in the shopping malls that I would visit every mall just to take photos! Peeps! Anyway, Christmas dinner calls for tradition but I don't want to spend hundreds per pax so we finally decided on Uno! as it has ala carte as well as some Christmas sets.

 Xmas Set 2 (RM 85)

1st Course: Chicken Liver with Toasted Bread 

A bit weird to eat chicken liver which has some smell so we didn't finish this at all.  

2nd Course: Turkey Roulade 

It tasted normal and lacks the turkey meat inside and ended up as just turkey ham with some bread and deep fried. I just like the mushroom cooked with cream on top with mashed potato. 

Xmas Set 3 (RM 95) 

1st Course: Salmon Carpaccio Salad 

This is one of my favourite which makes me feel the price is well paid. After all, nothing beats raw salmon for myself! 

2nd Course:Lamb Stew 

The lamb is served Mediterranean style with zucchini and a lot of tomato ish sauce which was so thick and goes great with any bread. I prefer this compared to the turkey roulade. 

3rd Course: Traditional English Flourless Fruit Cake 

The cake is not something I like as I don't like sweet stuff let alone fruit cakes. If I were to put on weight from these, it better be good. 


Mushroom Truffle Soup (RM 18) 

I feel that the mushroom soup was usually delicious but today it is too thick and creamy unlike what I thought it would be. 

Penne Asparagus Pesto (RM 32) 

This is a champ and it is just plainly cooked with a lot of pesto, asparagus and button mushrooms. I just love anything green whereas my mother's ex-colleague hates anything red or green. 

Add : Uno (USJ) Sdn Bhd, No, 55, Jln USJ 10/1A, 47620 Subang Jaya 
Tel: 0356350205

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