Monday, January 2, 2017

Bofe Eatery

My friends wanted to have a Christmas Exchange gift session cum dinner at Bofe. But we ended up with only 2 couples and another friend who came back from Perth for Christmas. It was with friends whom we haven't met in a year. 

It was a coincidence to bump into my classmate Vivien Chang and her boyfriend celebrating with their friends too.

Vongole Ala Vodka Spaghetti (RM 23.90) 

I am a big fan of alcohol in food so I only ordered this when they said I could have extra vodka inside! Yippee! :) The taste is just normal but the good thing is the spaghetti is done al-dente. 

Goma Duck (RM 23.90) 

The roasted duck with goma sauce is quite special. It is also roasted till the skin is reddish. The best part is it's tender.

Green Tea Latte (RM 11.90) 

The green tea latte tastes incredible with chocolate sauce on top. But of course that means putting on a little more weight. 

Iced Chocolate (RM 9.00) 

This is one thing you should order if you are a big fan of iced chocolate in a thick form! So strong and rich! 

Carrot Cake (RM 12.90) 

This is the favourite cake of my partner. And I always wonder why something so simple and plain especially if mum can make it too? Hahaha.... 

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