Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant

I have always taken a liking to Tak Fok ever since I first came here long time ago with my colleagues for dinner at the original Kepong branch and also ate twice at the previous Jaya One branch. The price is very reasonable if you are into crabs which my whole family is. Coming here for lunch is so good because it helped me discover that the best time to come here without having to wait for tables is at lunch time even on a weekend! Usually we had to wait for tables on weekend/weekday dinner time as this restaurant is always packed with crowd and tables would overflow even outside the restaurant!

The restaurant is opened for more than 10 years by a very young and muscular owner who is also the head chef! He looks younger than his age, mind you!

Mongolia Prawn Meat (RM 18) 

Initially I could not find the price in the menu because I never knew that what we Hokkiens call "Har Kor" is actually called Prawn Meat in English. I totally fell in love with this as it is so sweet and the sauce covers the whole meat so thoroughly. The best part is the crispiness which is spellbounding!

Cheesy Prawns (According to market rate) 

To me, anything with wine cooked in it, and I go gaga! Hahaha... The egg white is smooth and the result is creamy I was almost conned into thinking it's cheese. The prawns are very fresh too.

Roasted Long Bone Pork (RM 28) 

This succulent and juicy roasted long bone pork, was actually the final item I ate because  I forgot to eat it due too many dishes eaten on that day, about 14 dishes! Hahaha...the flesh is very sweet and didn't have too much of the fattening pork fat. The price is also very reasonable and worth paying as it comes with such a big portion.

Braised Grouper Fillets (RM 28) 

Have you ever heard of braised grouper for only RM 28? This is unbelievable but it's true. The fish is as usual, fresh and soft.

Steamed Hokkaido Squid with Garlic Enoki (RM 18) 

Another unbelievable deal is the price of the Hokkaido Squid which is way cheaper than what you get in any Japanese restaurant. The squid is not too hard or rubbery too. The squid also comes a side dish of acar cucumber and carrots which were amazing.

Live Prawn Noodles (RM 72/Market Price) 

Sang Har Mee is another of my favourites so I used to order this at any restaurant that specialises in this. The prawns are again super fresh! Even the hairy legs could be eaten too. I like the sauce so much too.

Salted Egg Crab (RM 52 for 2 pieces) 

I think I can safely declare that this is the only place in KL with such a cheap price for crabs! The entire crab is coated with salted egg very thoroughly and it is very salty too, if you are a salted egg fan! The presentation is also very beautiful here.

Steamed Crab with Steamed Egg White (Market price) 

Me and my friend were addicted to the steamed egg white that was so sweet from the crab juices! Superb and juicy crabs too!

Steamed King Razor Clams with Garlic (RM 9.80 per piece)  

All the seafood here must be so fresh otherwise they could not have everything steamed! These clams are imported from Scotland. The clams' sweetness is added with the straw mushrooms. What a great idea!

Cheese Butter Crabs (RM 52) 

I absolutely love the cheese crabs here! It is just fantastic! Very fresh, rich, creamy, sinful yet not salty like how I ate it elsewhere.

Sizzling Butter Sauce Squid (RM 19) 

This is another dish, I am in love with. The sauce coats the squids so beautifully and the giant squid is amazing. It was as though they are cooked with curry as it is also spicy.

Stone Emperor Rice aka Loh Mai Kai 

This is a new addition to the menu. If you like your Loh Mai Kai non sticky like how I do, you will like this with a lot of Lab Cheong too!

Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot / Poon Choy (RM 298 for 6 pax, RM 498 for 8 pax) 

Looking at their Facebook, there is 29% discount for this as the normal price is RM 658! There are many expensive ingredients inside such as abalone, sea cucumber, prawns, dried oysters, broccoli, bacon wrapped with enoki mushrooms, chinese wet seaweed, fatty pork meat, duck meat drumstick, chicken drumstick, on a bed of cabbage and soy sheets. I feel the price is also cheaper than the one in KK where I first ate this for RM 600 plus for a bigger one at a coffee shop!

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