Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 3 - 13 April 2018 - Kyoto: Kura Sushi Kyoto

We planned in our itinerary to try Kura Sushi, the cheapest conveyor belt sushi for 100 yen with myriad of varieties!

First, take our queue number, thank god there were not many people at 5.30 pm

And the sushi frenzy starts!

Sushi arrives in few seconds after ordering in the tablet, by auto style conveyor, almost like robotic life

It's my first time eating this type of sushi with egg! 

The beef sashimi is not bad too

The fish roe with small rice

Ebi with avocado, now how creative? 

After eating, it's time to clear your dishes by putting in the empty plates into the compartment, every 5 plates, will have the tablet showing an animation which would end with a free draw for the typical Japanese capsule toy which would slide off if we are lucky and if unlucky, would have a joker cartoon

We were lucky we had one capsule! 

After dinner, it was time to shop for alcohol in an alcohol store which sells everything for super cheap price but Jon stopped me from buying as we need to carry them a long way as our house is not beside the station! Look at the variety!

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