Sunday, June 17, 2018

Day 7 - 17 April 2018 - Osaka Station Food

 We have been in Osaka for many days and kept on going to Dotonburi only till last night we run out of places to eat in Dotonburi. So tonight, decided to explore Osaka Station and see what we have. Voila, we found the basement food court which was the most amazing discovery in Osaka. You see, the  cleverest thing to do is always hit the basement in a foreign country and you never know what you might find! It was really a myriad of intercultural and local food, without the hustle and bustle of the city life, it was like being transported into a different world entirely!

Tapau anyone? From the international supermarket

Look at the soju? 

This is how Japanese white collar relax after office hours in a modern environment

Am in in Italy?

After browsing so many stores, finally made up the mind to try the Omurice, after all, what's a trip to Osaka without trying the famous Omurice? Little did I know, this is the famous store too! It took so long for the food to arrive so I went to the supermarket and got myself some cold grilled scallops first.

Pretty Plate (1180 Yen) 

This is actually Seafood Omurice whereby the fried rice omelette is topped with fried shrimp, crab cream croquette, pork steak, salad and also a mini drink (which tastes like vinegar drink that's good for digestion)

Shepherd's Pie (680 Yen) 

It was so cheesy and combines well with the eggs and minced beef, simply warm feeling!

Since Jon hasn't tried before Japanese melon, we bought one which costs about 1000 Yen but it was over ripe and we had to finish it that night since tomorrow we are checking out.

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