Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 6 - 16 April 2018 - Dotonburi

After resting for a while at the Air BnB due to exhaustion of traveling and walking whole day in Nara, we went to hunt for the Glico Man as an obligatory photo opp in Osaka.

Also went to H&M as I saw many tourists holding the paper bags but it seems to not have very cheap sales.

Amerikamura as it is the very last place that we haven't been so ventured there but most of the shops were already closed except for McD (Haha) 

Went hunting for Jeremiah's NY or Chicago limited edition caps but the African seller kept chasing us to go off so he could go home for dinner. Anyway, luckily we didn't buy there as the price was too expensive

Spotted the restaurant in Dotonburi whereby patrons can catch their own fish for their meals

Supper at Bonkuraya, Dotonburi 

We almost wanted to go to another restaurant but there was too long queue so we gave up waiting and went to this other place which is located upstairs but we were contemplating whether to enter as we could not see the crowd. We were shocked to see all the locals eating upstairs!

We ordered the 6 Mini Okonomiyaki (1166 Yen) which was the most amazing okomoyaki I have ever eaten! We can order 6 different assorted flavours too.

Yakisoba (1004 Yen) 

Yakisoba was just nice, but I think for now, I am not really into Yakisoba as they are just similar to fried noodles to me.

We ordered 1 Asahi (432 yen) and a Calpis Cocktail (410 Yen) which was refreshing.

My major hauls of the night - My first Kose moisturizers 

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