Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 4 - 14 April 2018 - Osaka & Abeno Harukas

After a hearty lunch at Kaji Kaiseki (Fine dining) in Kyoto, we rushed off to Kyoto Station to grab our luggage and head for OSAKA! Before going off, I went to Lawrence to get the mini Shisheido travel pack for only 1000 Yen.

Here is how to travel from Kyoto Station to Osaka:

-Take JR from Kyoto Station to Osaka JR Station (Tokaido-Sanyo Line) (3 stops) (28 mins)

How to travel from Osaka JR Station to Daikokucho station near our Air BnB:

-Walk from Osaka JR Station to Umeda Subway Station (4 mins)
-Take Subway from Umeda Subway Station to Daikokucho Subway Station (5 stops) (11 mins)
-Walk from Daikokucho Subway Station to Osaka Airbnb (5 mins)

Check in is at 4.30 pm by way of just typing in the password at the lobby and the door is not even locked for the unit! Surprising how Japan is so safe they don't need to lock the door! The key is placed on the dining table!

We rested a while while I did some laundry.

Abeno Harukas 

Abeno Harukas is one of the skyscrapers in Osaka city, whereby there is a rooftop garden but the rainy weather spoilt our plan. I initially wanted to have the buffet in Kitayama but when I saw the food, it was not worth the price to be paid of about 3000 Yen per pax

Abeno Harukas is basically a very expensive version of department store.

ABC Cooking Studio

Ended up eating outside Abeno Harukas, at our favourite Yoshinoya but eating the unagi set whereby we only paid very little about 1220 Yen for 2 pieces of Unagi! Mini set meal contains mini beef bowl and also small cabbage. Look at how luscious unagi look here! I also had additional pork slices. Pure satisfaction on a rainy day.

Jon's thinly sliced beef and also big piece of grilled salmon (580 Yen)

Journey from Abeno back home:

- Walk from Abeno Harukas to Tennoji Subway Station (3 mins)
- Take Subway from Tennoji Subway Station to Daikokucho Subway Station (Midosuji Line) (4 mins) (2 stops)


After dinner, we went back home and rested a while. Then we thought that since we are in Osaka, we should at least visit Dotonburi despite the heavy rain.

First night in Dotonburi definitely starts with the famous Creo-ru takoyaki

Jon mistaken ordering takoyaki without mayonaise thinking I dislike mayo but I am ok if paired with takoyaki. 

Gyoza at the Stall Beside Creo-ru 

Special gyoza with kimchi was quite hefty a price, of 240 Yen, basically just normal gyoza topped with kimchi and garnishing :(

After all the eating, we rushed to catch the JR as it closes at 11.30 pm. 

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