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Day 6 - 16 April 2018 - Nara

Before our Osaka Trip, I told Jon I didn't want to go to Nara as I thought it has nothing but deers. Little did I know I was wrong as during our research, I found out there are so many shrines that are World Heritage Sites in Nara to visit.

Breakfast at Sukiya

We discovered that Sukiya, another Japanese local fast food chain is located across the road.

Rice and Spicy Pork Curry with Soft-Boiled Egg (460 Yen) 

Saba Fish Teishoku (600 Yen) 

Clam Soup costs about 300 - 400 yen for ala-carte

How to get to Nara from our Air BnB in Daikokucho:

- Walk from Osaka Airbnb to Daikokucho Subway Station (5 mins)
- Take Subway from Daikokucho Subway Station to Namba Subway Station (Midosuji Line) (1 stop) (1 min)
- Walk from Namba Subway Station to Osaka-Namba Kintetsu Station (2 mins)
- Take Kintetsu Train from Osaka-Namba Kintetsu Station to Kintetsu-Nara Kintetsu Station (Kintetsu-Nara Line) (8 stops) (37 mins)

Deer Galore 

The moment we came out of the train station, we were literally greeted by deers all over the street. The deers are very intelligent and would pursue any human being they see in order to get deer crackers

There is a stall selling Deer Crackers for 150 Yen wherever there are a lot of deers.

Kohfukuji Temple 

The first temple we saw upon arrival is this one. We didn't pay to enter for 900 Yen per pax as didn't seem to have much inside.

It is originally founder in 7th century, 2010. It is a symbol of Nara City and was reconstructed about 600 years ago (1426) after it had burned down 5 times.

Todaiji Temple 

Todaiji Temple is another WHO site whereby it is famous for massive Vairocana status, which is popularly known as Daibutsu (Great Buddha). Founded in the 8th Century, the Daibutsuden Hall which houses the statue was burned down twice in fires that broke out as a result of war. The present structure which was rebuilt in 1708, was scaled down to two-thirds of the original size. Nevertheless, it is the largest wooden structure in the world.

There is a picturesque lake in front of Todaiji Temple.

Many deer are roaming around Todaiji Temple

Since we were hungry by this time, we just stopped by at the restaurant along the way and ate a simple meal

This transparent jelly dessert came together with the vegetarian soba

Jon's expensive and horrible burger sandwich costing 700 Yen 

Around the lunch area, we saw many more deers

Great Bell 

Nigatsudo Hall 

Spotted another Sakura Tree

Nara-ken, Nara-shi 

He is having his first Sakura soft serve for 350 Yen 

Stumbled upon these in the walk through the forest hunting for Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Kasuga  Taisha Shrine 

Both paths to this shrine are lined with approximately 2000 stone lanterns and the eaves of the shrine itself are decorated with around a thousand hanging bronze lanterns. It is also impressive to see the vermillion colored shrine buildings with cypress-bark roof stand in harmony with the natural environment.

Going into this shrine takes a very long walk as it is located deep inside the forest.

Walking out of the forest, we saw the surrounding area

Ukimido Gazebo 

Going back to Nara JR station, we went to a beautiful pavillion and park.

Spotted another Sakura Tree 

Went back to Kohkufu-ji Temple on the way home

Japanese school children are so independent, they can go to school themselves. They look so cute dressed in their uniform below:

After a long hard day, we went back to Daikokucho:

- Take Kintetsu Train from Kintetsu-Nara Kintetsu Station to Osaka-Namba Kintetsu Station (Kintetsu-Nara Line) (8 stops) (37 mins)
- Walk from Osaka-Namba Kintetsu Station to Namba Subway Station (2 mins)
- Take Subway from Namba Subway Station to Daikokucho Subway Station (Midosuji Line) (1 stop) (1 min)

For dinner, we walked to nearby Kura Sushi for our last taste of liberated sushi i.e. freedom to eat as many expensive sushi as possible without thinking of the price as total price of the meal was only 2900 Yen ++ ... I are as much as possible, all the premium fish sashimi, tempura, uni (sea urchin), fish roe, ebi etc

After a heavy meal, we went to the 24/7 Hypermarket which sells things at very cheap price though less variety in terms of wine, more of beer sold.

The other hypermarket beside this one operates till 1 am

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