Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 5 - 15 April 2018 - Osaka : Osaka Castle

We didn't know where to have breakfast on our first day in Osaka, as we looked around for nearby small cafes in vain. Since it was still raining, we decided to switch our schedule from Osaka Castle to Shinsaibashi through this method:

- Take Subway from Daikokucho Subway Station to Shinsaibashi Subway Station (Midosuji Line) (2 stops) (3 mins)

Then we started hunting for breakfast venues in Shinsaibashi whereby most shops are not opened yet and ended up eating in DOUTOR, a popular cafe in Japan, which is also opened in Mid Valley looking exclusive. Here there are 3 storeys of DOUTOR. There is a promotion of a coffee and bread set as below (390 Yen), nothing special, just edible.


 I went shopping a lot buying handbag, boot (that caused me to have injury on my ankles for 2 days after that), and blue trench coat and some long sleeves clothes at the cheap Masudai as I brought mostly summer clothes. On the first day, Abeno Harukas and QQ Mall sell clothes at too high prices. After buying so much, I ended up storing my shopping bags in the lockers in the Shinsaibashi station.

Toki Sushi 

We found out about Toki Sushi from Mark (migrationology), a very much affordable sushi, that's prepared fresh by the chef, very deep inside the street alleyways near Kuromon Market.

The verdict, superbly awesome, and even better when there is a brush to paint the soy sauce on the sushi.

Osaka Castle 

After a hearty meal, we had another long journey to Osaka Castle

-From Shinsaibashi Subway Station (Midosuji Line) (2 stops) (3 mins)
- Transfer from Midosuji Line to Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi Line
- Take Subway from  Shinsaibashi Subway Station to Osaka Business Park Station (6 stops) (10 mins)
- Walk from Osaka Business Park Station to Osaka Castle (via Osaka Park) (15 mins)

Similar to ICAC

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