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Day 7 - 17 April 2018 - Osaka - Universal Studio Japan (USJ)

This is another place that I kept contemplating on whether to go or not due to expected long queues to be endured. Thank god we bought the USJ Normal Entrance (RM 287 per pax) +  Express Pass (RM 221) through KLook. In the past, when I visited Disney Sea Tokyo, all I could remember was not the ride experience but the painful experience of queuing up! This time round, I thoroughly enjoyed my theme park experience.

The express pass enabled us to skip many queues for famous rides like the below :

11.20: Harry Potter Area Entry Hours (specific timing)
(re-entry to Harry Potter land is by taking another timed entry ticket to be collected at USJ Park)
11.40-12.10: Harry Potter Forbidden Journey
15.00-15.30: Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

Choice of the below for express passes: 
Spider-man  or Jurassic Park-The Ride (We chose Jurassic Park)
Jaws or Terminator or Backdraft (We chose Backdraft because Jaws was initially out of service temporarily)

Here is how we traveled from our Air BnB in Daikokucho to USJ:

- Walk from Osaka Airbnb to Imamiya JR Station (6 mins)
- Take JR from Imamiya JR Station to Nishikujo JR Station (JR Osaka Loop Line) (4 stops) (8 mins)
- Transfer from JR Osaka Loop Line to JR Sakurajima Line
- Take JR from Nishikujo JR Station to Universal City JR Station (JR Sakurajima Line) (2 stops) (6 mins)
- Walk from Universal City JR Station to Universal Studio Japan (5 mins)

Breakfast was at McD at USJ City Main Street

Harry Potter Land 

Wand studies street show

San Francisco - more like my model shoot area


Since my favourite pinkish shiny ballerina flats have torn at the bottom and considering the rain, we looking for shoes in Hello Kittyland but could not find any. Ended up going to customer services, intending to ask permission to get out of USJ to find shoes in the shops outside. Suddenly the lady said, maybe she could find some shoes for me for loan for free! This is how great Japanese customer service is! They even have so many sizes of shoes for loan! 

Lunch at The Dragon's Pearl 

Surprisingly, the Chinese food is served in Snoopy inspired lunch boxes! Isn't that so cool to eat fried rice and tempura ebi from the box? Ok, I admit, it's the kids' meal.... but then again when in USJ, you are a kid once again.

This is more like a canteen inside. The cost is also quite cheap considering the creativity put into it. I also kept the kids snoopy cookies for later.

Unlike normal theme park food which is horrible, this tastes as good as it looks! I love the fried rice, mapo tofu and also tempura

After lunch, we watched the Sesame Street just outside, see how lucky  we are? And we just sat on  the floor to watch

Universal Wonderland : 

Hello Kitty and Snoopy Wonderland

Enjoyed myself in Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue during the rain

See how kiddo I became, playing this! I run out of rides to play while waiting for the major ride's timing 

Playing indoor in Snoopy Studios when it was raining 

Sesame Street Fun World

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem 

Apologize for the blurry or dark photos as it was going to rain that time

While waiting for the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride which was exhilarating

After watching Minions, it was only fit that we ate Minion burgers at Happiness Cafe which has less people now that it was not lunch time at 3 pm.


Earlier when we wanted to ride on Jaws raft, the ride was temporarily not available so we waited till now to ride which have been more exhilarating if we understood Japanese spoken by the animated ride attendee.

Universal Cool Japan 

As part of the current theme of Universal Cool Japan, they have some rides that are chargeable like Detective Conan etc anime and some not.

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: The Miracle 4-D 

This is free under normal pass. This is one of rides that garnered a lot of Sailormoon fans. I mean, who doesn't like Sailormoon? Believe it or not, it was my first actually getting to know Sailormoon. Jon didn't want to come and succumbed to waiting outside as he was afraid of the dizziness caused by 4D effects which actually this doesn't as it is more like a theatre.

After Sailormoon, we rushed to see the night scene of Harry Potter and Wizarding World before the park closes at 7pm

Be sure to enter the Magical Wand shop in the special entrance and let the Magician choose the wand for you! He only chooses specific person for the wand.

Some night scenes in USJ Osaka

Universal City Walk Osaka - Outside USJ Theme Park

After a whole day of park food, we can binge outside the park area whereby there are so many varieties of food and one can even see the USJ Hotel. Also available is Family Mart and even GAP Factory Outlet which I went to shop for Gap shoes but ended up buying my first Gap Slippers in my life as the rest of the shoes are too expensive and not that pretty

Shopping for Jeremiah's NY cap. Told him to buy it since by the time we go to Shinsaibashi, all the stores ater closed

Having his first Horai pau

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