Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 2 - 12 April 2018 - Kyoto : Gion Corner

After a whole lot of photo camwhoring in Yasaka Shrine, we finally walked a long way looking for Gion. We asked some locals how to get there and at the end of the street, we found the way to Gion.

Once I saw this, I confirmed I am in Gion Corner

We initially wanted to watch the Gion Show here which costs 2800 Yen after discount (per pax) but finally I decided not to watch anymore for fear of falling asleep 

Just before returning the kimono, some obligatory shots:

In front of the other entrance of Yasaka Shrine

I love Japanese parks

Finally returned the kimono at Yume Kimono Rental Shop at the corner lot, upstairs. I saw omurice cafe below.

How to get back from Gion to Kyoto Station?

Walk from Gion Corner to Gion Bus Stop to take Bus No. 206B to Kyoto Station (10 stops) (22 mins)

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