Saturday, August 6, 2016

Daan Daan

This is the first time I come to Evolve Concept Mall, a new mall discovered in the middle of the condo. The design is very unique that the washroom has yellow sink in the middle and also wall made of very special tiles. 

Daan Daan is right at the first floor that is in yellow colour. There was no one when I first came but after we sat at a table, a whole load of customers came. 

Before we came

After we came

Egg Wafflet (RM 6) 

This is my first time trying egg wafflet (RM 6) despite seeing this many times in Sunway Pyramid. Many children like to eat here as the wafflet is not that sweet. One can enjoy eating the egg wafflet by nibbling piece by piece. 

Wafflet (RM 6.80) [With Peanut Butter and Condensed Milk] 

This wafflet, is quite tasty, cute and crispy. It was cut into small pieces. 

Almond D'Light (RM 8.80) and Lemon Water (RM 3.60) 

This is quite ok, made to be thick and one that many of us health conscious people will like as it is not sweet at all. 

Red Bean Chiller (RM 5.50) 

This is so far the best among the rest though I do not like red bean much. The drink is quite tasty and sweet. 


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