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B @ Cascades

Of all names, why is it called B? Why not A while we are always in the pursuit of being better to become A, the owner of B @ Cascades feel that pursuit of being first of everything will make us forget a lot of people around us.

B signifies being in-the-moment as life is about opening up to what you are feeling and immersing in the experience of the here and now.

B in the present. B honest. B yourself. In fact, "B" signifies so  many things from : B young. B casual. B formal. B easy. B passionate. B exciting. B hospitable. B social. B friendly. B frenemies. B real. B sweet. B lovely.... and so many more. 

B @ Cascades just changed their menu last week hence Chef Vincent spoke with passion that the most interesting thing is that every paper menu has different words such as "First we eat then we do everything else" - which is more suited for women so that they don't watch their diet or "Good food is all the sweeter when shared with friends." 

Their menu is made to sound like romance from words like "First Touch" (=appetizer), "Warming Up" with hot soup, "Casual Comfort," "Quick Happiness," (snacks that goes with alcohol taken during happy times), "Sweet endings" and "For the little royalties."  

Children would get black and white menu for them to do their colouring with drawings in front whereas their menu consists of non-fried food with fancy names like Goofy Hotdog, Remi's Pasta-Tomato Macaroni, Finding Nemo-Baked Fish Fillet, Lilo and Stitch-Mini Hawaian Pizza and Chicken Little-Chicken Caesar Wrap. 

First Touch 

Seduktive Salad (RM 19.90) 

As the name suggested, I was already seduced by the smoked duck breast with mesclun mix, orange segment and citrus dressing whereby the sourish taste is balanced by the rose prune. This is my all-time favourite as I love duck breast like crazy. 

Couple Salmon Salad (RM 21.90) 

This contains another favourite of mine, salmon! The word "couple" refers to home cured salmon and also smoked salmon. "Home-cured" means that salmon is marinated with salt and sugar to turn into a special colour. All the other hot food  are served with Garden Salad containing mesclun mix with cherry tomato, julienne carrot and sesame dressing. I really like the fresh salad here. 

Warming Up 

Seafood Tomato Soup (RM 23.90) 

Again they served my favourite tomato soup with fresh seafood like prawns, giant squid, 2 big mussels and scallops. The soup is also very thick and not too sour. 

Seafood Platter (RM 188) 

This is one of the rare occasions that a restaurant serves seafood platter in such big plate though they mention it is for 4 pax. This is new in the menu for only 3 months. They changed the menu items every few months. The seafood platter contains garden salad, 4 pieces of juicy scampi baked with garlic butter, scallops with balsamic reduction, cheese butter mussels oven-baked with cream sauce, giant squid grilled Japanese style with teriyaki sauce. Also not to be forgotten is the old school fish and chips. I really liked the squid which tasted better than the one grilled at Japanese restaurant. There are 3 types of sauces including tartar sauce, lemon butter sauce, teriyaki sauce and a few slices of lemon. 

Premium Platter 

This is every meat lover's favourite containing many types of meat like pork, chicken, beef, lamb. There are also deep fried ham which is better than the canned ones. I really like all the meat served here which managed to change my impression of pork. I especially like the tender meat! I cannot even believe it I would say I love pork! 

B's Cod in the Act (RM 78.90) 

My other personal seafood here in B @ Cascades is the pacific black codfish which is so juicy, tender, soft and succulent. It is served with potato puree and mushroom soil, carrot puree. I totally love the sauteed garden vegetables with truffle-yaki sauce. 

B's Indecent Oriental Roulade (RM 38.90) 

The chef said this is a dish that either you like it or you don't. Since the other food are deep fried, this is slow-cooked chicken roulade with five spices stuffing, herb crust. Inside the stuffing are sengkuang and also carrot. At the side is carrot puree with mashed potato whereby the carrot puree adds a dash of colour to the plain white potato mash. The fact that the chef design every menu item for a lady who is on a diet, whereby the chicken skin for the roulade is removed, is very considerate.

B's Spanish Shoulder (RM 78.90)

This is one of the food items that B @ Cascades is famous for. It has soy sauce marinated iberico pork shoulder  with mashed potato, carrot puree and also sauteed garden vegetables. I also like the thinly sliced pork. Iberico is different from the normal black pig. It is only found in the area between Spain and Iberia. Iberian pig is very fat till it has jaw whereas normal pig only has cheek. Iberico pig also east very high quality food. 

B's Babelicious Pork Burger (RM 32.90) 

This is homemade pork patties with pig caul, pork bacon, sliced cheddar, caramelised onion, honey mustard saucee, mayonaise and sandwiched between brioche bun. The pork patty is out of the ordinary as it it not as hard, coarse, and also oily like those in the rest of the fast food joints. There are also letttuce, cherry tomato and garden salad with french fries at the side. 

B's Style Aglio Olio : With Scallop RM 48.90, With prawn RM 38.90

The difference between this aglio olio and the Spicy Bacon aglio olio is whereby B's Style is cooked using cili padi hence the spiciness. 

On the other hand, Spicy Bacon spaghetti (RM 32.90) is cooked using small pork bacon chips, garlic, dried chilli, extra virgin oil and parsley. Sundried tomato is used to create natural fragrance and sourness. 

11'' Hot Pizza 

B's Smoked Duck Pizza (RM 32.90) 

All the pizzas here are thin crusted. The smoked duck pizza is my favourite pizza as the duck breast makes it very juicy and the juices beautifully blends into the mozzarella cheese. There are also a lot of capsicum, olives, arugula and tomato sauce used. I personally prefer this to the margherita. 

Pizza De Chorizo (RM 35.90) 

Rather than using the usual pepperoni, the chef decided to use chorizo ham which lends a little spicy taste. 

Quick Happiness 

Bacon Bomb (RM 24.90)

Pork bacons are baked with mozarella cheese and also a little bird's eye to add the spiciness. 

Crispy Fried Butterfly Anchovies (RM 18.90) 

The name "butterfly" name is due to tenderloin cut into two is called butterly cut. It is then fried using 7 spices with garlic powder and rosemary. This is best eaten with alcohol. 

For the Little Royalties 

Chicken Little - Chicken Caesar Wrap (RM 18.90) 

The caesar wrap is quite tasty and most importantly, very healthy without too much mayonaise like how others normally do it.

Sweet Endings 

Peanut Butter Cheese with Blushing Raspberry Puree (RM 23.90) 

I didn't taste the peanut butter much but I felt a little creaminess of it but thank god there was too much cream inside. It taste delicious with the strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. 

Creme Brulee (RM 21.90) 

The creme brulee is just nice and not too creamy as how I usually dislike. 

Blissful Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice-Cream (RM 21.90) 

The chocolate brownies were warm and tasted so good with the vanilla ice-cream. The brownies were also not too sweet and had walnuts inside. 

Address: B @ Cascades, Jalan PJU 5/1, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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