Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hock Seng Hin Coffee Shop @ Jalan Pudu

A year ago, I read bangsarbabe's blog on this and my ex-boyfriend once attempted to bring me here but  I was too lazy to wait in the long queue. But I kept a secret checklist for this to find out what is so great here finally on 29 July when I had a course in Mandarin Court, a course that marked a change in my life. My partner was so reluctant to eat here when he saw the long queue whereas I was adamant to eat here hence we almost quarreled as he is very punctual and was worried about being late.

We spent half an hour for the queue and also for waiting for our food. The old waitresses who are mostly retired had a strategy of making customers wait though there are a few empty tables so that the place look very popular and crowded. Probably it was their strategy to also make it look like we didn't wait too long for the food to reach our table.

The famous fish head came in a lot of salty and thick bean sauce which tasted amazing with white rice. I had 1 big bowl of rice!

The bittergourd came in very small portion and was so tasty with the thick sauce and not bitter at all. It was cooked with pork rib.

The entire meal cost RM 45

My partner said the fresh water fish is not that much to shout about and not worth the queue.

Add: 231, Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(opposite Federal Used Car Company)
Tel: 03 2148 4906
GPS Coordinates: N03 08.258 E101 42.614

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