Wednesday, August 31, 2016

House of Seafood

House of Seafood which is located just beside Cold Storage in One Utama, has an opening promotion, the greatest one of this century of crabs for RM 9.90 per piece and also smoked duck for RM 5.90 per plate. I expected there would be a very long queue but it turned out to be quite ok with a queue of about 10-15 mins. We almost ended up quareling amongst ourselves thinking that we were too late because I woke out too late on Merdeka Day. As usual, One Utama, on a public holiday, was bustling with so many patrons till there was no car park.

Luckily while queuing up. we had the Kyochon Korean fried chicken samples packed in cute little boxes to appease our stomachs.

Mind you, the crabs are very big! Initially, my mother's friend who went there was so shocked about the price that she took a photo of the receipt! But she said that the crab was not fresh enough. Lucky for us, we had a fabulous time eating the delicious and big crabs that are also fresh! There is a choice of either cooking the crab in chilli or salted egg but we could only choose 1 type and minimum and maximum of 3 crabs per table. No splitting of bill is allowed. Every table was eating crab and smoked duck today.

The smoked duck is a very small plate with white and purple cabbage and also mayonaise and sesame sauce. The smoked duck is quite tasty too.

We also ordered Vermicelli Crab (RM 18) for the medium one. It was one of the best vermicelli I have ever tasted with so much vegetables, bean sprouts and egg and also fresh crab!

The Pu Er tea cost RM 3 per person.


House of Seafood, LG309A, One Utama Mall

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