Sunday, August 7, 2016

Antipodean Cafe @ Midvalley Mall

After a long time of not having a classmate reunion, we finally had one when Lin Wei came to UPM for a neurology conference. They wanted to go to Coffee Bean but I wanted to go somewhere that I can eat something and finally settled for Antipodean, Samantha's favourite place. She even went to the Antipodean in KL in the past when there was too long queue in Bangsar.

Samantha ordered her coffee which looks so cute with a kitty on the foam. It looks thick too.

I ordered Egg Benedict with Bacon (RM 27) which was amazing! In fact, I dare declare this place as serving the best, fluffiest egg benedict in Klang Valley! I have never had any egg benedict so tasty. When I popped the eggs with my fork, the egg yolk flowed like the fountain of eden. The ham was also so fresh and soft. The salad was done so simply but maintained the freshmess and crispyness with a drench of balsamic vinegar.

The only downside of eating here is the outdoor alfresco dining caused my skin to be bitten by mosquitoes.

Details: G(e)-011A, Mid Valley Megamall, 59200 KL

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