Wednesday, May 1, 2019

La Vin

La Vin is spectacular place with great ambience and delicious food at affordable price. The best part is that the lunch sets are available on weekends too! The lunch set comes with 1 iced lemon tea and also fruit. So this is the place to hang out with family and friends in the face of the bad economy yet with the peer pressure of dining in sophisticated instagrammable places. 

Fish and Chips Set (RM 15) 

The set has enormous portions. The fish was crispy and tasty. It also came with nachos which is special considering usually fish and chips comes with french fries. Another key feature of the western food here is the fresh salad that is served together which reduces the guilt of having all the calories or so I think... haha .. women... 

Pork Shoulders (RM 15) 

I am the person who is always particular about pork but this is just amazing, and even addictive for me, so you can imagine how succulent and juicy it was! I also like the fact that they were all carved for me to save my time! There was even mashed potatoes which goes well with the cheesy sauce. 

(P/s: the photo was not that nice as I was too hungry chomping away!) 

Chicken Gordon Bleu 

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