Monday, May 20, 2019

Gayo Coffee

I have always been browsing other blogs for Penang food. I also had been trying some of the recommendations from blog and also those in the Penang Food Guide brochure at the airport which was sometimes to my dismay when the food didn't turn out as written there, then I realized, I should start my own blog and really talk about my local perspective...

I am always on the lookout for instagrammable cafes...and was hunting for cafes in google for few days since I am suddenly returning to Penang after a year...after asking around local friends for recommendations, ... (drum rolls)...

BTW Gayo House is easy to find as it is just beside the popular amongst tourists' China House ... it is like getting the same ambience but add more to the list of instagram shots you can get here. OK, and the latte is RM 1 cheaper here...

The moment I entered the courtyard, it was so heavenly I felt grateful to step foot here and making the decision, as I didn't have much time in my busy food hunt itinerary. Gayo Coffee looks like any normal cafe from the facade, but never judge a book by its cover.

Compared to other cafes which normally go easy on decorations, it was like no wall is left undecorated...

Every door opens to another, like how doors are in cartoons? Go door after door of different layouts, it was like uncovering layer after layer of hideouts? But in cosier areas and place, oh and with service provided....kekeke

You feel like you are literally in Siam Reap with a majestic and gigantic tree, almost like a bodhi tree, greeting you in the courtyard. True to be, there is a photo of the Cambodian Wat, with image of Buddha and also a tiger on the wall.

 It was said that the tree was naturally growing in the house, and it seems that the act of leaving it untouched has given it an added advantage compared to other cafe. I mean how often you see a huge REAL tree inside a house and you are still able to see the REAL sky? Perhaps in the olden days but not in today's world! 

View from the top of the second floor: 

But then the best part, is that this is not any coffee place with beautiful setting without tasty food. Or just the normal cafe everywhere with coffee, tea, cakes and desserts! The best part is the extensive menu of Western Food that you can eat from breakfast to dinner! I guess the owner is definitely very entrepreneurial to add a variety of food inside otherwise a lot of people just come once to take photos and try coffee then skip it the next time since there are so many hipster cafes in town alone, I guess you would have lost count on the number of cafes in Penang, whereby every nook and corner is a kopitiam, hawker centre, food court, restaurant, cafe, bistro, which you can stop by anytime there is hunger pangs? 

Since we were still full from lunch at Genting Food Court, of Char Koay Teow, Curry Mee, Chicken Legs and Loh Bak, we just had coffee to soak in the heritage. 

Orchid Latte (RM 12) 

The coffee (in green cup, in this picture) is surprisingly quite reasonably priced compared to other hipster cafes. I am someone who doesn't support much franchises and go for more unique coffee cafes. It is much thicker and preferable for strong coffee lovers like me. The only disappointment is just that there wasn't any orchid petals? Well, not like we know how orchid taste like?

Rose Latte (RM 12) 

If you are imagining the conventional rose petals thrown on the surface, guess after you look at the photo below, not much difference between rose and orchid latte if you ask me, except that the rose version is more of normal latte and less coffee taste. Perhaps they are not well known for this coffee? Anyway, skip this if you really want rose latte and order others. 

Misissipi Mud Cake (RM 15) 

Cakes are basically this price in hipster cafes, guess it is cheaper to have a main course here. There are lunch sets as well at almost the same price.... probably on weekdays. The Mud Cake has sinfully rich ganache chocolate, that increases your calories within seconds, so only settle on this if you are trying to forget your diet momentarily, or as mum says, when you come to Penang, there is no point dieting otherwise why bother coming all the way to Food Paradise?

Guess that is enough excuses...let's dig into the mud cake, and float into blissful land!

Oh, and to convince yourself, what's coffee without cake?

Address: 161, Beach Street 10300 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 04-2619891 

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