Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hawker Food Heaven at Genting Food Court Penang

Sometimes, being a Penangite, I feel pointless going all the way to Georgetown for hawker fare at inflated prices, eg, Burmah Road Char Koay Teow costs RM 6.50-7 when it was not tasty at all.

So we prefer to eat at residential places like Bayan Lepas or Ayer Itam. It was raining cats and dogs on last Monday so we made a sudden decision to go to Genting Food Court, which I have never been all my life or at least, had faint memories of it, as my parents do not spend much time exploring food much and mostly eat at Super Tanker Food Court only whether for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Penang White Curry Mee 

The Curry Mee costs a whopping RM 4 for small portion, and if you want prawns, recommended to order the medium one at RM 4.80. The chilli is just incredible but it was not as oily as others. The best thing about Penang Curry Mee is we have a lot of ingredients like pig blood, cuttlefish, bean sprouts, cockles and beancurd. By 12.30 pm, they have finished 1 big tank of curry soup.

Char Koay Teow (RM 5) 

Since mum said the normal Char Koay Teow I used to eat when young at Pulau Tikus, taste quality has declined recently, we were searching for one place as substitute and found it here by accident. I even ordered Duck Egg Char Koay Teow for only RM 5! 

Loh Bak 

One of Penang's famous food is Loh Bak and they have tasty ones here. The most unique thing is selling giant octopus which is rare in most Loh Bak stalls. Due to the 2 octopus I ordered, the one below cost RM 12.90 

Braised Chicken Leg (RM 5) 

Mum and me are huge fans of braised chicken leg, so since she mentioned it, I told her to go ahead ordering this. The chicken legs are a bit lesser than the Medan Selera near Penang Free School, so not that worth the money paid at RM 5

Lorong Delima 3, Taman Island Glades, 11700 Jelutong Penang 

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