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Genting Highlands Short Getaway

It has been ages since we have been to Genting. Furthermore, this is our first time going there together. Going to Genting always reminded me of my childhood, theme park trips every year when I was very young and I would go to the arcade till 2 am and refused to sleep early.

We took a Go Genting Bus from KL Sentral for only RM 13.90/pax including cable car tickets. The journey took 1 hour and we were both having a terrible headache due to lack of sleep the night before.


When I reached the premium outlet, the first thing I thought was there wasn't enough time to shop. Most of the international big brands were there, Nike shoes cost about RM 100+ there but we didn't get any. Most premium outlets sell a lot of shoes and handbags. Clothes wise, not really suitable for me because I prefer more fashionable clothes than shirts.

Here is the favourite spot for most tourists - where you can have a beautiful view and also so called dine in the sky at restaurants like Chicken Rice Shop, Thai food, Juan Valdez Cafe and etc.

Godiva has exclusive flavour here which is called the Dark Decadence Soft Serve limited edition, which is sinful and to-die-for. It cost RM 25. So much so I was worried my white clothing will get dirty. They also have high tea set for RM 128.

Taiwan Little Chef

After buying some clothes from Cotton On, we had lunch at Taiwan Little Chef which was near the Sky Awana Station. The food was quite good and reasonably priced as our meal cost only RM 39.60 for 2 pax.

Lu Rou Fan (RM 13.90) 

Jon had the Lu Rou Fan which was a bit plain but suffice to make him full. The Pumpkin Barley (RM 4.90) drink was not as sweet as I imagined. 

Spicy Pork Steamboat (RM 18.90) 

They even kindly allowed me to change the white rice to bihun. The spiciness was incredible and the kind uncle even offered to change the fatty pork to pork ribs, which most people won't allow. 

Sky Awana Cable Car 

I remembered coming to Genting and queing up for 1 hour for the cable car when I was a child. Luckily there wasn't a queue this time, probably because we came on a working day and also maybe because the cable car moves faster, it definitely was newer. I did the touristy thing that I probably did as a kid too, camwhoring in the cable car. 

Chin Wee Temple 

Unlike in the past whereby Chin Wee Temple was only accessible if you had a car, now you have a free stop throughout the cable car journey, but bear in mind, you need to go down 5-6 flights of escalators. 

By the time we finished touring, we only reach First World Hotel, at 4.30 pm. Luckily we got Tower 3 which is the newest wing right at the end and look cleaner. Everything is automated even for Check-in with just slotting your IC and Genting Rewards Card and voila, you get your room key! Guess this is needed to solve the long queues from 7,531 rooms, as something I remember vividly are the long queue time to check in long time ago! 

View from the walkway to Tower 3: 

After check in and having a rest and bath, we can't wait to go for dinner at Burger and Lobster at Sky Avenue. The restaurant was already teeming with people by 6 pm! It was a no-frills place and many came to order the Lobster roll. Luckily they had a table for us. I didn't order the lobster roll because I thought it was not worth the money paid at RM 98 with little lobster only so we ordered the grilled Original Lobster (RM 168) which came with buttery cheesy sauce. The lobster is really fresh albeit very small, and more suitable for 2 pax than 1. The meal came together with french fries and salad. We ordered a bitter lemon soft drink (RM 11). The entire dinner came up to RM 179

We shared it as we planned to go for a food hunt. In the past, we never thought we would come to Genting for a food hunt but there were so many interesting food here from Korean to Japanese, western, Vietnamese and whole lot of snacks, the only worry is whether you have enough money

Attempt to imitate Jon's dramatic look but my eyes failed to look straight

Genting Highline 

This is the rooftop F&B whereby you can see the clouds as you dine! Hence, this is the trendiest place in Genting now with all types of food from Korean BBQ to seafood, bars, even Klang Bah Kut Teh completely done hawker style. 

Wonderful view from Carnivore Corner and Bar 

Many people were queuing up for the Beauty Collagen Steamboat which I wondered what was so great about. Nearby is the open roof top to have a beautiful view : 

Nene Chicken 

After walking around for quite a while, finally decided on Nene Korean fried chicken which had quite a number of youngsters eating expensive fried chicken. Our Mixed 3 Parts Bulgogi cost RM 24.90 and Minute Maid Orange drink (refillable) cost RM 8.90! Total bill at RM 35.85 for only chicken but we still didn't feel that full. This is called expensive snacking but at least the food is delicious. I like the purple coleslaw. The best part is we almost forgotten we were in Malaysia as the weather was so cold, and thought we were in Korea. 

Batman 80 Years Celebration 

There was so much promotion about this till we thought there was a Batman show that they were promoting. But it was a small scale shopping mall style exhibition.

Now, there are many branded boutiques like Coach, Michael Kor, Kate Spade and many more that you almost think they shifted half of Pavillion Mall here. And upon coming out of that area, there is the indoor theme park

Theme Park Hotel 

This is one of the most blogged about hotel in Genting now due to artsy feel of the boutique hotel which is targeting children. You would never imagine any hotel lobby designed like a rainforest with cartoon giant animal figurines and also a treehouse and playground in the middle! I definitely will revisit Genting and stay here after knowing they have room for 2 pax as well, not limited to family rooms.

After walking all over, I went to the secluded Taxi Waiting corner for the drivers, and discovered the kopitiam which sells food at much cheaper price like RM 12.50 for a stir fried noodles. It was still around after about 20 years. So you could come here for food if you are willing to walk very far, for simple no frills Chinese food that will save you some bucks. 

La Fiesta 

All that walking made me hungry to eat Tapas Set for a whopping RM 39! The restaurant is very sophisticated and looks majestic, with artistic paintings. Everything spells splendour that I initially thought it was very expensive to dine there.


 I could not believe it when I saw the signboard about RM 39 Tapas Set which has 4 croquette, 2 tender mini chicken skewers and a potato omelette. It reminds me of our time in Spain but of course, the dining experience is much more like fine dining here. I ordered the Sangria at only RM 21 which was quite cheap. They actually sold Chicken Paella in a stall style, takeaway for RM 9 only but I was too full to have that. Throughout the trip, we still felt that was the most worthwhile dining experience, as even the food court sells simple rice item at RM 24.

After hearty dinner (3 meals more like it) and walking so much, we went back to the room for a rest before coming out at 11 pm to visit the Genting Casino for the first time in my life, which was bigger than the one I saw in Macau. I went to Las Vegas on a company trip so never had the time to check out the casino, but then again I was never excited to see the casino as I don't gamble. 

Day 2 - 11 May 2019 

We surveyed quite a bit for breakfast as most places are expensive on a weekend and no more set meals are available. Finally end up eating at Malaysian Food Street at the top floor, eating my first most expensive Genting Chicken Rice at RM 24. The chicken was smooth but the rice was the worst quality with rice bits! Guess food court quality drops albeit charging expensive prices 

Genting Premium Outlet 

We went down the highland by cable car, and went for last minute shopping till it rained. I went to Desigual shop and unexpectedly, the handbag price is quite reasonable and uniquely designed, surprisingly cheaper than the ones in Spain or Italy! As usual, cannot let go of buying mask and eyeliners in Sasa too! 

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