Saturday, May 11, 2019

Penang Street Food

Now I know why New World Park Penang food court looks so empty and the food there wasn't tasty anymore. It was because one of the stalls have expanded to open a big cafe in Segambut recently.  I have not really visited the branch in Penang but I heard of many Penangites who frequent this place just for the food. I only found out about it from my classmate, Samantha's FB post. 

Finally I found time to visit the cafe today. It took 25 mins drive from my place almost like how far Uptown is for me. It is a no-frills shop below a flat. The street food available were so interesting that I was tempted to order everything. This place is suitable for breakfast or tea breaks as it is rare to find a place with so much snacks sold and not just limited to Pasembur or deep fried processed food like in the shopping mall. 

Pie Tee (RM 5.50) 

The pie tee crust is just so thin and crispy, instead of the normal thick oily ones that others use.

Chai Kuih (RM 3.50) 

The Chai Kuih is totally to die for, incredible for the thin transparent skin and it even has beautiful flowery design that even in Penang, you don't see hawkers doing that. They eve allowed me to mix the sengkuang and chives.

ABC (RM 5 for without ice-cream) 

The ABC really reminds me of New World Park! The portion is really big with a lot of ABC ingredients, like red beans, finely cut cincau grass jelly, sweet corn, atap seed. Even the ice-cream is chocolate which is my favourite. Well this place owner is never stingy with ingredients!

Braised Pork Hor Fun (RM 8) 

This is the most awesome chee cheong fan ever! And the braised pork reminds one of lu rou fan and even beats the lu rou fan I had in Taiwanese night market! It was very fragrant. Highly recommended if you are not the traditionalist when it comes to chee cheong fan. 


I was getting greedy and could not resist not having the Otak-otak which came steaming hot. One can see 1 big piece of fish inside as well, so you know that the owner is not 'kiam siat' when it comes to ingredients.

Again my greediness and to make it worthwhile for driving all the way there, we bought 1 bachang back home.


Address: 54, Jalan 8/38D, Plaza Sinar, Taman Sri Sinar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 016-4529688

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