Saturday, May 21, 2016

Xing Hot Pot

Usually we won't drive so far all the way to Cheras Selatan to eat anything. Initially I declined the offer then suddenly, I went because of fellowship. Thank god Saturday is Wesak Day so a lot of Malaysians are on leave on Friday.

Xing Hot Pot is located in a commercial area called C180, a bit weird for an area like this. I was surprised that the AEON Cheras Selatan that I used to go for movies in university, has developed into such a busy area with a lot of cafes. There is even an Ibis Style Hotel! Beside the Ibis Hotel, there is a staircase that leads upstairs to the commercial area whereby Xing is the only cafe.

Surprisingly, the seafood at Xing is very fresh. Unlike the description by other bloggers, that we have to be kiasu and stand beside the aquarium in order to get the live tiger prawns to be barbecued, I did get 2 chances. I admit I waited till an hour later before I saw it swimming in the aquarium and I even got the chance to eat it twice! The prawns are so fresh, swimming and jumping off the glasses! The taste is springy too!

The other blogs and facebook also described Xing waiters as not helpful but it turned out my experience was good whereby when I arrived, they gave me plates though they needn't do so since it's a buffet. They even helped me put the sticks through the live prawns and brought us 3 big plates of slices beef, pork and lamb.

Upon arrival, normally hungry customers can go to the cooked food corner and grab some noodles, salad, fried food like chicken wings, prawns, clams etc.

There were many choices of vegetables, fishballs, yong tau foo stuff, many  varieties of noodles from ee foo mee to fish paste noodles, and also 2 refrigerators containing BBQ satay sticks made in very cute yakitori style and the other for steamboat items.

My personal favourite are the BBQ sticks such as my favourite snails, taiwanese sausages (mini version), BBQ fish and shimsamo. We can BBQ all that on mini BBQ pits on every table.

They just have too much seafood here like clams, prawns (normal and tiger prawns), scallops (smaller version), oysters (very small ones), bamboo clams, snails etc. I felt like I was in a seafood restaurant instead of plain steamboat.

For soup, there are choices of herbal chicken, clear, tomyam and pork bone soup.

There is also myriad drinks like chinese tea, lemon tea, sweet herbal tea, orange juice. As for desserts, there are red bean soup, green bean and also sweet glutinous balls. Most of them are super sweet.

There is even a fridge for ice-cream from Magnolia and Kings ice-cream sticks in flavours like lemon lime, orange, chocolate etc.

For the price of only RM 49.90 per pax, it is well worth the money. If you live around this area of Cheras or Balakong, then should not miss this steamboat!

Address: E-UG-10, Centerstage, Dataran c180, Jalan c180/1, Cheras, Jalan Kasturi, Taman Kasturi, 43200 Batu 9 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia

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