Monday, May 2, 2016

Well Cooked Gourmet

Well, the last time I ate fried laksa was at The Humble Chef in Plaza Damas, Damansara, years ago when I was working in my first job. Today was a surprising delight when I spotted the word "Fried Laksa" on the signboard!

Popiah (RM 6.50)

I was too hungry to wait for our Fried Laksa and Nyonya Fried Rice so I ordered the popiah. After all, this is the signature dish here. The popiah comes in big portion and a lot of ingredients squeezed inside! It's the fattest popiah I have ever eaten!

Fried Laksa (RM 7.50)

The Fried Laksa is remarkable! UNBELIEVABLE TASTE! It is so fragrant, fried hot from the wok with a very big fire. It is fried with ingredients similar to Char Koay Teow, fried with such heat that I ended up heated and fired up till I got feverish the rest of the day! To make it even tastier, the egg was not overcooked and the lime added the tinge of sourness to it. The best part is the ability of the laksa paste that was the real secret of the great taste. The shredded cucumber and onions were amazing too.

Fried Rice Nyonya Style (RM 7.50)

My friend has a policy that if any restaurant can make a simple fried rice tasty, then they are good. As for me, I usually avoid ordering fried rice as for me, this is something that mum can cook.

This is by far, the best fried rice I have ever eaten in my life! The rice is fried till fragrant, spicy and flavoursome! There was even bean sprouts too! Totally awesome that I ate so many spoons of it that I had to violate my rice diet!

Cold Hazelnut Coffee (RM 3.00)

This is so fragrant and strong in coffee taste! I rarely say this for the 3-in-1 coffee but the packaging is such that they had it specially packaged for them.

Address: 74, Jalan SS14/2 Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor
Tel: 0126745388

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