Monday, May 2, 2016

Pietro Ristorante Italianto

My good friend female BFF told me that her wedding anniversary is going to be on 29 April 2016. She asked me for suggestions and I suggested a few places but she didn't use it. I was too busy with our biggest event of the year in my company and also other work to realize that el lugar de especial en ese dia es por mi propuesta mi voda!

The last time I had fine dining was for my last birthday celebration at Troika Sky Dining's French Cuisine - Cantaloupe so today is a welcome in my life!

When I reached, I gawked at the exclusive and romantic restaurant design and the wooden staircase of Pietro Ristorante Italiano (

We reached late at 9 pm and both of us were apologizing to them profusely, as we got lost looking for the restaurant in a secluded place. My 4 friends were already sitting down at the table and have eaten 6 Tapas and 1 pizza!

Not long after sitting down, the clumsy waiter presented me a tray with a box of wedding ring and suddenly I turned my head and saw 2 red balloons containing THE WORD!

My date of the night quickly grabbed the ring and knelt down and popped the question.

Like the first proposal, I kept quiet, and he could not stand and asked me, "My legs are hurting, can I stand up now?" My friends said, "Faster, said ok!" I didn't say a thing so my BFF urged him to quickly make me wear it!

After that, the waiter brought us the french loaf with the olive oil to fill up our starving tummies.

Then came the main dishes as below:

1. Baked Salmon (RM 58)

This looks absolutely amazing and I have been eyeing this all night but sadly, when something belongs to someone (Khong), never snatch....need to be a let's drool over the photo!

2. Filleto D'Hamzo (RM 90)

This beef tenderloin is simply awesome and I had mine medium rare! It has a nice little dumpling on top, but the meat was cold by the time I ate it and not piping hot as expected from a 5 Star fine dining place! I had to ask for extra sauce to make up for everything.

The grilled vegetables are tender and soft. The mashed potatoes are great and naturale and slightly coarse to indicate that they have whipped it themselves.

Here is the dumpling opened up for you!

3. Codfish (RM 68)

This tastes incredible! Somehow, if I ever get a choice of meat or codfish, codfish will win hands off! The codfish is so soft and tender like cotton! (Urm, ok I am slightly exaggerating)

4. D' Agnello (RM 70)

The lamb is tender and soft and stewed till soft. Sorry no real review as it belongs to my BFF's husband...


People say that the best way to melt down a girl's heart is through dessert.

A girl on diet can never let away her dessert....

My BFF and her GF were so delighted when the time came to choose desserts. After all, Italians are well known for their desserts!

1.Pietro Classic Tiramisu (RM 18.80)

This is by far, the best dessert among the rest. I am not a big fan of anything creamy so I cannot judge the creamy items but I would say the waffle reins! The big strawberries and blueberries were also amazing!

2. Chocolate Fondant (RM 22)

It is said that chocolate is the safest dessert for everyone because no one dislikes chocolates, and especially a volcano eruption of warm chocolate to warm the heart with icy iced ice-cream accompaniment.

3. Creme Brulee (RM 15)

My friends went gaga over the creme brulee! For me, I just had one bite as I said above, cream is just not my thing.

Special THANKS TO A GROUP OF GREAT FRIENDS who have made this day possible!

Some photos of the SPECIAL PROPOSAL:

Upstairs Table For Two (We didn't sit here as there were 6 of us)

Upstairs Ambience

Overall, this place is like some branded bag, nice to look at but in terms of practicality, no pockets inside, some goes, the presentation is great but the coldness of food took away the rest of the high expectation. Nevertheless, it is a slightly more reasonable option than having to go for 6 course meal in Troika and is akin to Shangrila in KL in terms of prices. We also highly appreciated the waiter's initiative to ask us to stand on the staircase for a grander photo. I suggest you book the couple table upstairs which has a quieter spot and overlooks the ground floor.

Rating for this place:

Service for taking photo: 9/10
Service for proposal arrangement: 2/10 (failed as forgot to put a silver tray over the ring)
Food presentation: 8/10
Food Taste: 5/10 (Coldness = deduction of marks)
Ambience: 7/10
Music: 6/10 (Lacks Italian Music)
Location Ease: 2/10 (We got lost using waze and went around the place 3 times!)
Parking: Good only for night


Address: Ground Floor, Bangunan ECM Libra 8, Jalan Damansara Endah, Damansara Heights, 50490 KL
Tel: 03-2093 6433

Anyway, this is the photo of the most beautiful 12 stalks of pink roses with sparkles on top and lavender and berries in between in pink and purple wrapping, done just the way I like it!

I'm not a big fan of flowers because get stressed when they discolour and their freshness disappear, but then again PICTURE OF FLOWERS WON'T DISAPPEAR!

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