Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant

In Malaysia, we all love steamboat. In China, we can say the same thing. As for me, on and off I like to eat steamboat. Today, I fulfilled my steamboat craving at an exclusive steamboat restaurant called Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant. I was having a sprain on my foot and was hobbling on one foot to the restaurant.

This place is located at the top floor of Telawi Square, right next to Three Piggies or the Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant in Bangsar Village area.

We tried 4 types of soups such as pumpkin, clear coriander, mala and pork bone soup. We can have 2 soup base for each steamboat.  All the soup has its own specialty. The pork bone soup with its natural sweetness whereas the pumpkin soup has a distinct uniqueness. The pumpkin soup is also thick enough to cover the steamboat ingredients, but not too thick to spoil the taste. Of course, the sweetness of pumpkin is retained.

There are many types of condiments and sauces, at least 6 types to choose.

We had a cooling drink made from white fungus and served in a glass jar.

The entire set called the Signature Mixed Platter costs RM 68 per head. Before you gawk at the price, if we consider the big pieces of oysters, scallops, jumbo prawns, straw mushrooms and abalone mushrooms, then the price is forgivable. The Special Ee Foo Mee is imported all the way from Hong Kong.

The Wantan and Sui Kow are very tasty and had special filling like carrots etc.

The best part is the thinly sliced beef and pork that taste great when dipped into the hot pot.

All the seafood is very fresh. They pride themselves for their special service whereby they would bring the ingredients to the customers. This place is also conducive in the sense of having private rooms.

Tel: 03-22800242
Address: No. 39, Lot 10-a, Level 2, Telawi Square, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL
Facebook: Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant

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