Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sing Pao Dim Sum

I am so happy that the cheapest dim sum in Klang Valley is so tasty and even better than the Hoong Dim Sum at USJ. I wonder why there are so many customers at Hoong Dim Sum when the dim sum costs RM 6 per plate whereas the taste is just so-so with the skin of the seaweed peeling off.

Sing Pau is a 24 hours dim sum place has many varieties and the dim sum skin is so soft, totally unlike my imagination earlier. Despite being 24/7, the freshness of the dim sum is still retained.

They even used quail egg to make dim sum which was special.

The quality of dim sum is measured by the thinness of the skin and how they make the Har Kau transparent skin tasty and soft and thin. How they make the filling is also important. Simple food like siew mai, chee cheong, Har Kau and pau will determine the greatness of the dim sum cafe.

Over here, the small plates cost RM 3.50 and the bigger plates cost RM 4.50. So many people actually come here to takeaway the cheap and tasty dim sum.

So naturally we ordered the Chee Cheong Fan which I initially didn't want to, because I had the impression that coffee shops especially at the side of the road can never make really good chee cheong fan with thin translucent skin and might have too much flour. It seems I was wrong as it was tasty.

The Siew Mai is also ok.

The Loh Mai Kai is very soft with chicken meat and also a half a piece of mushroom.

My favourite is the Seaweed Prawn Dim Sum which is soft enough.

The Har Kau also has small pieces of scallop inside and which made me realize that the Har Kau skill cannot be misjudged.

There is also bacon dim sum is thoroughly steamed.

I also had my favourite chicken leg with my mum. The skin is soft and springy and thoroughly done.

It is obvious that the boss had trained the foreign workers very well.

The whole meal with 8 dim sum plates cost only RM 41 which is quite reasonable for dim sum.

Details: Address: Batu 4½, Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.

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