Saturday, February 20, 2016


It's Chor 13 of Chinese New Year 2016 and we had a CNY Dinner Gathering at Crab.B. My friend had a hard time looking for the place. My friend kept making rounds around the ioi Boulevard and finally he listened to my advice to go to the area around the Pulau Ketam steamboat and found it after 2-3 rounds.

The place is very crowded, something like Tak Fok but the price of crabs is more expensive here. It is difficult to even get the attention of the waiter. Do make a booking before you come as the restaurant is too small.

The Crabs' cost RM 166 for 2 kg of Tiger Crabs, French Bread Crab for RM 108 per kg and RM 98 per kg of Indonesian Meat Crabs. We had the Indonesian Meat XL Crabs for RM 98 per kg and RM 158 per kg for XXXL. For only crabs, we spent RM 413! I have never spent that much for a food item before. Anyway, here are some photos of the highlights of the day:

The mantou are normal, not that much to shout about, at RM 4.50 for 5 pieces.

Marmite Crabs 

This is simply amazing, the way the marmite encover the entire crab so thoroughly, with some stickiness on it. The sweetness is just superb.

Cheese Crab 

The cheese coating is something any cheese lover would love, thick and gooey and not that salty like how some others do it.

Curry Crab 

This is served in a large claypot with the curry sauce underneath, not that thick but thick enough to go with bread with really thin pieces of onions. I saw quite a number of tables ordering this.

I had difficulty taking photos of this one due to my dirty hands from eating the crabs.

OK enough with the highlights which actually came last. Now let me get back to the first dish.

Naturally, we started the evening with Yee Sang, for the most expensive price and the worst taste, that I did not have a second helping. It was too sweet and sour in an artificial sense.

Sizzling Seafood (RM 38) 

This is something unique  - a combination style of the 4 Mixed Sambal Vegetables and also sizzling seafood like 3 big mussels, octopus, prawns, petai and long beans which was superb.

Sweet Potato Leaf (RM 15) 

This is just normal but at least it changed my perception of potato leaves which I used to dislike due Malaysian kopitiams normally cooking it with chilli oil.

Lotus Leaf Tofu (RM 18) 

This is served like a dim sum. The silky tofu is so soft and cooked with minced meat, prawns and thick corn flour and some spring onions. My friend preferred this tofu compared to the Shark's Fin Tofu (RM 30) but I think both are tasty too.

Shark's Fin Tofu (RM 30)

The tofu is soft and lightly fried and has thick corn flour sauce on top with some fake shark's fins. At the two ends were few flowers of broccolis.

BBQ Pork Ribs (RM 28 each) 

We ordered two of these for RM 56 which is cheaper than Paradise Inn anytime. The taste is fantastic, not too hard, not too tender or oily and just nice. The best part is the fragrance and sweet taste of the sauce and marination. A side sourish sambal chilli paste is served but it is not that necessary because the meat is already sweet.

Squid (RM 28) 

The squid is cooked in Thai Style with chilli and a lot of lime, whereby eating it seems to bring back memories of thai cuisine. This cafe must be well known for its spices and sauces which were all incredible. The seafood such as this squid is so fresh. Two lime were served to be add to the sourness.

Even the Chrysanthemum herbal tea (RM 2.50) is just nice, not that sweet.

The guys drank Carlsberg at RM 16 per bottle.

The receipt is :

Restaurant Crab B, No. 85, Jalan Kenari 20, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor 

Tel: 03 80708659 

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  1. This one is yummy. I went before, worth going again especially for crab lovers :p