Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pho Vietz @ Atria

This Valentine's Day, I thought of having a Girls' Meet Out because who says Valentine's Day only involves couple? So here I am going with Marilyn for Sunday lunch and it was good news that the other CG members like Zhen Li, Wai Cheng, Patrick and another girl could join us. I hurried home from Subang Airport to go to Marilyn's house to fetch her.

The cafe is so packed that we had to queue up for almost 20 mins.

This is what I ordered;

Dry Vercimelli with Salad and Sliced Beef (About RM 17) 

This is one very big platter! There were a lot of raw vegetables like shredded salad and cucumber inside too. In fact, the portion was so much that I could not finish it. I wanted to tapau initially but did not do it finally.

Vietnamese Tea (RM 6.50)

I like the creative tea pot that has a special saucer for putting the cup in the middle. The tea is not that thick though.

Details: Address: T 08 & T 09, Atria Shopping Mall

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