Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Glass Grill & Bar (KK)

Well, throughout my lifetime, this is the first time I am celebrating Valentine's Day in the land below the wind, KK as it coincides with Chinese New Year holidays. After searching all over for more affordable Valentine's Day package, we finally found this!

The Glass is kinda popular here as a scenic and romantic venue where almost every customer are couples except for the occasional families. The thing about KK is that they have few places like this where the price is quite reasonable too at RM 150 per couple. We chanced upon the package while shopping at Suria Mall KK yesterday on 13/2/2018. Apparently, though we made our reservation for a table at the glass window, they forgot to set up the Valentine's Day decor and led us to the ones they set up at smaller tables without the beautiful scene.

First Lady Valentine's Mocktail 

I love the mocktail which tastes fresh with orange peels inside and also the mix of sourish taste too.

Salad & Appetizer 

This seems to be my favourite among all the items in the package as it looks like fine dining and I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of marinated scallop with sweet potato masala, crispy prawn with grilled tomato coriander and red honey chilli together with garden salad with mayonaise dressing. The scallop is fresh and succulent. I didn't taste much of the prawn and thought it was more of just deep fried starch.


Cream of seafood soup looks pretty but too salty for our palate. The only tasty thing is the green half shelled mussel and the perfectly done crispy garlic bread.

Main Course 

Grilled Lamb Rack

The grilled lamb rack with black pepper sauce was served with a whole baked potato. The lamb is better than the other fish. I also liked the crunchy sauteed vegetables with garlic butter.

Grilled Fish Steak 

The grilled fish steak is cooked with lemon butter sauce and crispy potato wedges and sauteed vegetables with garlic butter. The fish is a little lack of tenderness that I expected.


The cheese cake with blueberry sauce was just ok, just not the exquisite kind.

It was raining tonight so Jonathan was right that we didn't book the tables outside which were all wet.

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