Tuesday, February 20, 2018

KK Beaufort Seafood

This time in KK was truly a food feasting week of Chinese New Year. All the cafes and kopitiam I tried was the first I ever had.

This time round we went to KK Beaufort for brunch on the 3rd day of CNY which the bill believe it or not, was RM 102.

Seafood Tuaran Noodles 

Tuaran noodles are cooked in dry style without sauce at all. In KK, most noodles can have fish or seafood options and fish is easily available. There are a lot of prawns, fish and vegetables inside too.

Tomato Omelette 

I told Jeremiah that I could easily cook this at home but minus the sauce. Surprisingly, for a normal and simple looking dish, it was tasty to be eaten with plain white rice. I would not usually order this myself as I could make it myself.

Claypot Seafood 

The claypot seafood is another favourite dish of mine and this claypot costs only RM 48. It contains fresh fish, prawns and delicious soft fresh tofu.

Ku Lok Yok (Sweet and Sour Pork) 

The Ku Lok Yok is just superb and has less flour than normal, and fried till super crispy with thick sweet and sour sauce.

Address: Ground Floor, Lot 7, No. 5-0, Kolam Plaza, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu, Taman Hilltop 88300 KK Sabah
Tel: 016-9378822

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