Saturday, February 17, 2018

Jin Jin Food Lintas (KK)

Ever since I tried Jin Jin seafood in Sept 2017, I never fail to visit this place whenever I visit KK. This is due to the reasonable price and also delicious food.

Fresh Oysters / Garlic Oysters (RM 8 per piece) 

I believe this is the cheapest oyster in Malaysia and the price would reduce to RM 6 per piece if we order more than 5 pieces. The oyster today comes in humongous shell and fresh. They just steam it with garlic and cili padi.

Si-Ham (RM 26) 

I am not sure how that KK Si-Ham or cockles are so huge and squeezy. It tastes delicious when cooked with Kam Heong sauce.

Perut Ikan (Fish Stomach) (RM 18) 

I have never eaten stir fried fish stomach till I come to KK. It seems the locals here like to eat all sorts of pig and animal organs stir fried/deep fried/cooked with soup. They made this really nicely and fragrant with the deep fried garlic on top.

Chilli Crab (RM 83) 

The crabs here are just awesome, fresh, tasty and most important for the budget conscious as it is cheap at only 3 pieces for RM 83! The sauce was just perfect as it was thick, sweet and sour at once with a lot of egg inside to make it thick. Though earlier I said I didn't want to eat it, I finally ate all the big claws too.

Here Coconut costs RM 4.30 each and the plain rice costs RM 1.50 each. Our total bill came up to RM 226.40 which was reasonable especially for the delicious, fresh meal especially the crabs!


Address: Jin Jin Food Lintas, Blk 1, Ground Floor, Lot 73, Shop No. 18, Lintas Square
Tel: 088-231011

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