Sunday, February 25, 2018


We initially came here planning to have cheap pasta at Palates and use our RM 1 discount voucher but it was closed. So I thought of trying the many new cafes opposite Taylors College called Itaewon which serves food for easy takeaway in plastic bento boxes. We can upgrade the sets to fried rice by just paying extra whopping RM 2!

They also have Beer promo at RM 50 for 3 Beer or Soju. At night, there is the BBQ platter option.

Lunch Set Buldak (RM 15) 

This is bbq spicy chicken which is marinated so well and was simply superb. The most worthwhile is the RM 2 we paid for Jonathan's seafood fried rice whereas merely the seafood fried rice alone costs at least RM 13!

We love the non-salty soup with generous portion of straw mushrooms and seaweed.

Lunch Jjukumi Set (RM 15) 

This is the one with baby octopus which was simply superb. The portion of meat and also octopus for both sets are so generous that we ended up so full. I upgraded to Kimchi Fried Rice with just RM 2 which is so worth it! I have never had such a big portion for a long time and most places won't let you upgrade till kimchi fried rice which is a main dish that can sell on its own.

Address: Itaewon Korean Snacks, No. 6, Ground Floor and First Floor, Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya, Subang 47500 Selangor

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