Sunday, November 5, 2017

Todak Orang Asli Seafood JB

View of Singapore from JB 

During one of the company events which brought us to JB again, Francis, Kenneth, me and some shop staff went to this place which overlooks Singapore, meaning it Singaporeans can cross the bridge and come here to eat seafood at a cheaper price than SGD. After an event, it is quite guilty for me to eat so much at such late hour but then again since it is not every day I get to come here for food and would not know how to come here without the shop manager's guidance, let's just forget it! 

Tofu Soup (RM 20) 

The tofu seafood soup is refreshing.

Claypot Prawn Curry (RM 50) 

We ordered mantou (RM 5)  to be eaten with the prawn curry albeit the curry was a tad too oily. The prawns are very fresh and succulent and juicy. 

Steamed Seabass with Soy Sauce (RM 50) 

I rarely eat steamed fish at such a late hour but the fish was fresh, soft and just amazing. 

Deep Fried Octopus (RM 26) 

Francis likes to order fried octopus everywhere he goes whereas I am the opposite and won't order any deep fried items usually.

Chicken with Dried Chilli (RM 14) 

This is just so-so for me. 

Black Pepper Crab (RM 100) 

The black pepper crab is just fragrant, fresh and succulent. 

Can you believe it that the entire meal came up to a mere RM 210 when I thought it would have cost RM 400 plus? WOW incredible! It was also surprising that we finished so many dishes at such late hour! Probably because we were too hungry. 

Add: Restoran Todak, No. 1, Pusad Makanan Telok Jawa, Masai, 81750 JB 
Tel: 07-3863696

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