Sunday, November 5, 2017

Foret Blanc


Ever since I saw bloggers posting about Foret Blanc, I harboured a dream to try the desserts here which look like works of art. The most famous items here are the Unicorn art called Berry Mallow Corn at RM 24.50. All the artistic desserts here cost at least RM 24!

Looking at such an amazing art piece, it took just a few minutes for the food to arrive on our table, with smoke coming out!

Most of the items inside are made of cream / meringue even the strawberry!

The one we ordered consists of a whole list of items like vanilla mascarpone ice-cream, vanilla semifreddo, strawberry compote, sable crumbs, vanilla Chantilly, strawberry and lime gelee, strawberry cheesecake cube, strawberry chocolate bon bon, lemom marshmallow unicorn horn, lemon diamond marshmallow and meringue wing 

Since I didn't like Vanilla ice-cream, I have opted to change the vanilla ice-cream to Grand Wedding flavour which consists of earl grey, passionfruit and also peach which has a fragrant smell.

The cafe is also bright with natural lighting that shines through glass.

We can get the rose raspberry soda if we add RM 8 to the ice-cream.

The other 3 types of desserts - Chocolate caramel inspired and also the fruity snowy inspired

Add: 49G, Jalan PJS 1/50, Petaling Utama Avenue KL
Opening Hours: 1 - 10 pm (Sat 1 - 7 pm, Mon closed) 

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