Sunday, November 5, 2017

Chuka Cafe

If we are ever in Subang Jaya area and feel like eating Japanese food that doesn't cost a bombshell, we will drop by at Chuka Cafe, as one of the only Japanese cafe inside the clubhouse of a condo whereby the waitress/ladyboss can speak Japanese to the majority Japanese patrons. It is interesting to dine here and you seem to be transported to Japan when you hear the patrons surrounding you speaking Japanese. There are also Japanese magazines, newspapers and manga book shelf.

The cafe serves Chinese style fusion Japanese food. I saw the Japanese eating things like fried rice, salad and even mapo tofu which I can cook easily at home. Moreover, the tofu is just served beside the bed of rice.

Spicy Ramen (RM 17) 

I ordered my favourite spicy ramen as I can never tolerate anything without spice. There are a lot of bean sprouts, 3 pieces of pork and half an egg. Too bad the egg yolk is not watery as what I expected.

Saba Fish Teppan Set (RM 17) 

Any of the meat or hot food can be made into a set by adding RM 5 to get a slice of orange, tofu, appetizer and white rice. The saba fish was cooked in a way that I dislike, in sticky sauce and a lot of leek, something some of the leek haters would not appreciate.

Add: Shah Alam (North) Saujana Villa Condominium, No. 13, Lingkungan Golf Saujana, Seksyen U2, Subang
Opening Hours: 12–2:30PM, 6–9:30PM
Tel: 03 7846 7664 


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