Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hana Dining + Sake Bar

We kept seeing facebook advertisements of Hana Dining and Sake Bar buffets so we decided to try the buffet finally as I am a big fan of sushi and Japanese buffet. Moreover, it only costs RM 69 per pax and includes 2 oysters per person. We made a reservation one week before but it seems that the waiter didn't write it in the book and ended up we had to sit at the pub side of the restaurant. It was only 11.30 am but the restaurant side was already full of people.


The sashimi slices are very thick and totally decadent! They are served very beautifully in Japanese plates. I ordered maguro, salmon and later butterfish sashimi.

Prawn and Scallops Teppanyaki 

The teppanyaki is grilled till fragrant and the seafood's freshness is till retained. Totally amazing!


Jonathan ordered his favourite grilled shisamo which was fragrant and crispy too. I am sure my mother would like it too.


The grilled saba comes in a very big portion and grilled so beautifully with butter and again, one could feel the passion  put into cooking this till fragrant and succulent.

Baked Mussels 

The mussels are lightly baked with cheese but not too much cheese which was great!

Raw Oysters 

I don't write it as fresh because two of the oysters had a weird taste to it, like taste of mud.

Grilled Cod Fish 

Jonathan loved the cod fish so much he ordered two plates of it! Rarely we have Japanese ala-carte buffet serving cod fish.

Deep Fried Oysters 

This is one of my personal favourites. I also like the fact that every item is served in small portion so that we can taste it then if we like it, we can order again rather than wasting food.


I ordered the salmon, mushroom, and chicken yakitori which were all tender and tasty.

Ebi Tempura 

The tempura is a tad too small compared to the conventional size and is smaller than a normal spoon.

Spider Maki 

Since the waitress recommended spider maki to us, we tried it but they come in too big sizes and has too much rice.

Beef Don 

The only downside about the buffet here is that they have too many don and we are technically forced to order the don to taste the beef teppanyaki. I do admit the don is delicious though.

Deep Fried Mini Shrimp 

This is suitable as a dish to eat with beer or alcohol. Quite tasty as well.

 Transparent Mochi Jelly 

I ordered this but by the time it arrived, I was too full to finish it entirely. It came in small portion with some powder on top but a tad too plain for me, I guess transparent jelly is not my thing as it is just nice for instagram.

Matcha and Black Sesame Ice-cream 

No visit to Hana Dining is complete without eating their ice-cream which has thick green tea and black sesame taste.


Every person who orders the set lunch here can also  have choice of Illy Coffee or Hot Chocolate which comes with design on the foam as well!

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