Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Midsummer Night Cafe

Since I have a busy week ahead and still want to relax in a nice cafe, we found this cafe, which has bloggers raving about, so we headed there at 5 pm for high tea cum dinner. It iwas our first time coming to this area to eat.

It looks exactly like an old shop house with the old-fashioned windows and many print outs of films on the wall and also records.

Most of the customers are older than the two young owners with older aunties sitting around chatting over tea and also udon.

Spicy Udon (RM 10) with Additional Fish (RM 5) 

There are so few food to order in the limited menu that I stared at it for a long time and finally decided to order the spicy udon which was not spicy at all. I added Shinsamo which was the best of the meals there as it was nicely marinated and grilled. The entire fish is so tasty and one could not stop eating it. The portions are very small hence the price of RM 10.

Egg Rice (RM 9) 

Jonathan ordered one of the famous rice dons which is the egg rice which is very simple with a half-boiled egg and lots of bonito flakes. A bit too simple for him who is a very cincai person.

Pineapple Coffee (RM 12) 

I took the risk to drink it at 5 pm despite having insomnia as priority is to try the recommended drink. Actually it is just pineapple juice iced cubes placed in their own filtered coffee. Eventually the bitterness of the coffee is mixed with the sweetness of the pineapple.

Summer Soda 

Jonathan ordered this, another recommended drink but it was just like any normal flavoured soda.

All in all, Jonathan said we are not coming here again as the portion is too small and too simple for us.

After our meal, we saw another restaurant opened exactly below Midsummer, but in a slightly more spacious place and looks really brand new and with a wider selection of menu like western food.

Add: 36A, Jalan Awan Hijau, Overseas Union Garden 58200 KL 

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