Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Starling Mall in Uptown is a new mall in PJ area so I thought of visiting the mall during the public holidays. Since there is not many restaurants that are special inside the mall, we ventured out and found Fujiyama which happened to have the chef who opened Yama & J in Jaya One, owned by my friend's ex-boyfriend's brother  but closed down.

I was shocked there is very cheap prices for the lunch menu especially for the sushi and bento sets.

Teppanyaki Seafood Bento Set (RM 13.50) 

This is well value for money set with the seafood inside which was so tasty!

Sushi Heaven 

It was like sushi heaven for me when I could order whatever I wanted without bothering about the price tags as I had Inari Sushi (RM 1), Scallop Sashimi (RM 6.80), Chuka Kuraage (RM 3.80), White Tuna Mentai Sushi (RM 2), Hokkigai Sashimi (2 pcs for RM 5.80), Saba Sushi (RM 1), Inari Ebiko Sushi (RM 2), Inari Tuna White Sushi (2 pcs at RM 2), Inari Tuna White Sushi (RM 2), Salmon Mentai Sushi (RM 2), Tamago Sushi (RM 1) and Red Tuna Sashimi (2 pcs for RM 6.80)!

Each sushi and sashimi is made by the chef one by one!

I was like having a bottomless buffet sashimi and sushi at such rock bottom prices that I swear I am definitely coming again!

Can you believe it the entire lunch only cost us RM 54.80 on a Saturday for sashimi / sushi induced lunch? Seriously unbelievable when you see the RM 1-2 price tags thats cheaper than Jusco's sushi! I definitely bringing my brother-in-law here when he visits and we are coming back for the cocktail prawns.

Add: No. 21, Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ
Tel: 03-77326691 

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