Saturday, September 17, 2016

Moon Kee

My colleague said he wanted to bring me to somewhere special and it looks so secluded. It ended by being Moon Kee and later on another trip, I found out the mamak place at the corner is actually Baiduri.

Moon Kee is definitely not one place recommended if you are on low budget or don't expect to pay so hefty price for only fish head noodles. There is another branch of Moon Kee in SS2 whereby it was always crowded and one would have to wait for table. This one has no crowd at all so you can come here if you are a big fan. Thank god the sambal is quite ok.

I ordered the Deep Fried Garoupa Fish Milky Noodle (RM 16) which was much more expensive than my favourite Kaki Bola which costs only RM 9.50 per bowl. The deep fried fish is surprisingly served separately and most of it is meaty so if you expect to eat fish head parts like me, forget about coming here.

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