Friday, September 23, 2016

Home Style Kitchen House

Discovering this is like discovering a gem in Puchong or shall I say, like a dream come true for Assam Curry crazy girl like me? Well, you cannot blame me as I am born in Penang and holds true to my heritage of enjoying Nyonya food. So I jumped at the opportunity to network with my friends and escape the busy working life I have, over a dinner at Home Style Kitchen House.

From the outside, I thought it was a normal restaurant but when I entered, the walls had beautiful black and white paintings of our old architecture in Malaysia. On the ceiling hung antique lamps and fans. The signature dishes on the wall like Kyoto ribs, petai, assam fish caught my fancy.

Garlic Prawn (RM 28 – 8 pieces, RM 38 - Big) 

This is one of my favourite prawn dish of the day. The small pieces of garlic is fried till fragrant. I initially thought they were some sort of oatmeals (which doesn't look like it). I just love picking these bits to eat. The prawns were all humongous and fresh.

Fried Baby French Beans (RM 16-Small, RM 18-Big) 

This is unlike what is fried at the coffee shop / kopitiam which is fried till too oily. I like the crunchiness that retained accompanied by slices of carrot to add some colour and also the sprinkles of fried minced pork fried till fragrant.

Cheese Scallops (RM 32) -8 pieces

I love scallops so much that I could not help it when I stole 4 pieces! The scallops were fresh and succulent and not too thinly sliced. It also didn't have the organs part attached. It is baked till fragrant.

Cheese Prawns (RM 28–8 pieces, RM 38-12 pieces) 

This is another favourite of mine. They are clever not to cook it till super cheesy. In fact, the cheese is just enough to envelop the cheese yet not to cause the prawn to swim in a pool of cheese that would not do well for Asians.

Chilli Pepper Octopus (RM 22)

When this first arrived,  we were fooled into thinking that they were deep fried prawn mantis. This is not too bad and doesn't have the rubbery or hardness that most octopus has when fried.

Pumpkin Octopus (RM 22)

This is my top favourite food of the night. I fell in love with the thick gooey pumpkin that covered every single deep fried octopus evenly. The pumpkin that is sweet is a great balance to the hard and slightly salty deep fried octopus. I kept throwing so many pieces into my mouth.

Assam Octopus (RM 16-Small, RM 23-Big)

This reminds me of the assam curry mum used to cook for me with a lot of gravy, done the way I like it for eating with white rice. There are a lot of long beans, onions and octopus. It reminds of me the red curry albeit much better than the Thai version.

Assam Tilapia (RM 22-Small, RM 28-Big) 

The Assam tilapia is totally amazing. The gravy is thick, sour and spicy enough. The fish is so soft.

Crab with Garlic (RM 68 per kg) 

This is more towards a huge crowd meal cooked with green chilli and lots of garlic. I like the sauce although it is dry. The crab looks like mud crab and was very hard and of high quality. For the taste and price paid, it is worthwhile.

Sweet and Sour Chicken (RM 15– 8 pcs)

Just when we thought we have finished eating, suddenly this tempting dish that looks much better than the meatballs for spaghetti eaten at a restaurant, were served finally. The chicken was made into balls and then deep fried till crispy before being dipped into the sweet and sour sauce. I could not even believe it when I myself ate this as I normally dislikes anyhing with meat balls.

 With the reasonable price, I am definitely making a comeback for the fantastic and affordable food!

Add: 20, Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

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