Saturday, September 17, 2016

Naughty Nuri

We have been wanting to eat here for a long time but didn't do it because I thought it would be too expensive and also that BBQ food is too heaty.

Jonathan finally said we should try this though it is a little expensive. So I relented. Anyway, I had always wanted to go there as I missed this place when I was in Bali due to the heavy rain.

We went to Naughty Nuri at SS15 Courtyard which has many other shops and I managed to discover the bookstore, Book Xcess which sells new books for very low price, at only RM 17.90 for most of the books.

There was a queue there at only Naughty Nuri so I wondered what is so great about it. I almost ran away to the Korean Hanbing Dessert place next door when I saw the long queue as I was starving and could never stand queuing for anything in life. But it seems they had a table for 2! Yippee! When another couple was brought to share our table, I willingly allowed it as I did not want others to suffer in waiting.

The place doesn't have much a/c and is open to the open cafe style concept. All the waitresses and waiters could sing and would suddenly sing and dance with tamborine. This makes it more happening.

Naughty Nuri's  1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs (RM 45) 

The huge ribs are marinated with Balinese spice and char grilled with special rendang sauce served with spring onion and acar-Awak. This is the best ribs I have ever tasted, and even better than Tony Romas or any other place. The meat is also very succulent, tasty, juicy and would any person who hates pork like me, say YES! The portion is also very big to make the price paid worthwhile.

Indonesian Style Nasi Goreng (RM 19) 

This is the biggest plate of Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) I have eaten in my life. Most of the portions are for sharing purposes so don't ever come alone! The fried rice is done with mixed vegetables, onions, egg, cili padi, red chilli and has a bull's eye fried egg on top. Like the usual way of serving fried rice, it comes with keropok. The fried rice taste so good with the ribs.

There was a promotion of Buy One Free One for the Fizzy lemongrass soda which was needed after eating all the meat. A lot of gatherings came here and ate all that with beer.

I would say rarely in Malaysia you find so many Chinese in an Indonesian restaurant besides this place. Even  when we were going off, I saw people queuing up outside.

Add: G.08, Ground Floor, SS15 Courtyard, Jalan SS15/4G, SS 15, Subang Jaya, Selangor 47500
Opening Hours: 11am-12am 

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