Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kimmana Bento

Nowadays, most of us are so health conscious. My male colleague even go to gym during lunch and went on a detox diet. My new colleague even went to the extent of cooking his own food consisting of salad, grilled chicken and things like that for lunch every day for 2 weeks! He was so hardworking in that segment. No wonder I never get thin because I kept going for food binges and cannot withstand myself from eating a lot during a buffet. 

Since I am already feeling guilty for not eating healthily and failing my slimming programme, I was so delighted when  I chanced upon Kimmana Beauty Bento which focuses on healthy food in bento, format. The word Bento is the slang term for Chinese word 便当 or Bian Dangmeaning conveniently boxed.They have found that although there are similar form of box lunches in many countries, most of them are plain and simple. It is only in Japan, Korea and Taiwan where bentos had really flourished and aesthetically prepared. In their opinion, there is no reason why these great looking, healthy, convenient and time saving boxed lunch cannot be a hit among our Malaysia working class. 

They had different range such as Gumiho Beauty Bento (RM 17.90), Club Bento (RM 9.90) and Dutch Bento Pizza. I admire the fact that they also have Veggie Club delivery to cater for the vegetarians.

It's very convenient to order a bento. Here are the steps: 

1.Choose your bento meal at

2.Pay online or cash on delivery 

3. Receive SMS when bento is about to arrive. (I received my message the day before) 

4. The delivery person will call you when he is arriving. 

5.Meet the delivery person at the building entrance

 When I brought my bento to my pantry, all my colleagues came to see what I was eating. They admired the pink packaging for my Anti-aging Gumiho Bento and separator for the food. 

Some info on what is Gumiho Anti-Aging Bento;

GUMIHO Anti-Aging Bento is a combination of many super anti-aging and antioxidant foods that are jointly recommended by various nutritional experts and doctors. Famous Taiwanese nutritionist – Wang Hailing mentioned “Woman could become immortal by eating the right food”. The statement may be exaggerated but possibility of slowing aging does exist. Woman should start the action of anti-aging from 25 year-old because that is the critical point of a woman’s body.

Each Gumiho Bento comes with standard rice with sesame, corn and peanuts, Korean Brown Rice Tea.

I chose mine due to its grilled seabass that is lightly cooked with fresh oranges, tomatoes, grapes and other ingredients that resulted in a slightly sweet and sour taste. It fondly reminds me of how my mother cooks, which is the healthy Aussie Jamie Oliver way with natural ingredients.

The side dishes are Japanese soft-boiled egg, Taiwanese eggplant cut into small slices, Japanese cucumber and cherry tomato and also boiled broccoli. 

The food is guaranteed not to be oily at all. But the point is that for bento, we have to ensure we get used to not so hot as in piping hot food unless we warm up using the microwave but do remember not to put the plastic cover over. 

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