Sunday, April 17, 2016

Imbi Market Ah Weng Kor Hainanese Coffee

I have heard my colleague, Sally Ho who told me countless times about how great the food in Bukit Bintang market is. Little did I know that she was referring to this. I only found when I was googling for some local food in KL area near Pasar Seni. Moreover, it's not every day that I get the chance to eat in KL due to heavy traffic jam there. The prices are very cheap here as we bought 3 delicious mangoes for merely RM 5!

The food area was so crowded, and most stalls have queue. We had to queue up to get a table at the most famous Ah Weng Kor Hainanese coffee area which is popular for the fragrant coffee and toasted bread with a big dollop of fattening and high cholesterol butter. The price was so cheap as it cost only RM 8 for 3 cups of coffee and also 1 piece of toasted bread with butter! I really love the thick coffee.

I heard the place is moving to Pudu Plaza in mid April or May

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