Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Ding's, Hub @ SS2

This was another of my appreciation lunches in Dec, happening on 16 Dec 2019, initiated by Janet Lai combined with Sharine Chin and Krystle Kee. It was the first time for me, Krystle and Sharine to visit Hubs @ SS2 and I found out it was like a food heaven with many artistic and pretty cafes whereby the prices are not too high.

Curry + Pork Schnitzel + Calrose Rice (RM18.90)

The portion is quite huge whereby there were 3 large pieces of deep fried pork, fried till crispy yet retained the juice inside.

Salmon + Greens + Calrose Rice + Sake Soup (RM28.90) 

It was the first time for me to try Calrose Rice which I mistaken for being brown rice or some healthy rice but turned out to be like sushi rice. The salmon was pan-fried till the edges are crispy which was delicious. The sake soup didn't have much sake taste, much to my disappointment. I guess the Pork Schnitzel set was much better.

Set lunch - Lemongrass Chicken + Kangkung + Rice 

I really like the onsen egg which was unique when paired this way as people normally don't serve it like this. The pairing here is unique yet tasty and healthy. The lemongrass chicken was also very fragrant and tasty when eaten with the acar, another of my favourite. I would have liked it with sambal too.

Steamed Mantou (RM19.90) 

The steamed mantou was beautifully served with fatty pork, something I rarely eat, but since I had company, it reduces the guilt of eating fatty food.

Mango Passionfruit Smoothie (RM12) 

The smoothie was thick and sweet, so thick that I could not drink it after the heavy meal since I rarely have so much carbs in 1 meal.

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