Friday, November 4, 2016

Ril's Bangsar

Initially we wanted to go to The Insider but it was closed when we went there on 30 October. So we walked around and saw Ril's Bangsar where the ambience is quite warm, cosy, sophisticated.

There is not much in the menu of probably 2-3 pages whereby 1 page is dedicated to steak and the other to mains like burgers etc which I would not pay so much to have here.

The first serving was a bun which I rejected mine thinking that it was a plain KFC bun. My friend cut it through and found out there was filling so I shared it with her. It was tasty to be dipped into the 4 types of dips provided which is very much like what I had in a fine dining Italian Restaurant in KL.

Smoked Tuna (RM 39) came with caramelised pears and alfalfa which were so amazing. I like the soft tender melt-in-the-mouth tuna. It was even better than Japanese food.

Wagyu Beef (RM 299) - 400 gram - It was quite rare that I have medium rare wagyu beef and it was so delicious and well-charred and not over cooked. The beef was succulent and juicy. The 400 gram was cut half for us, as though half of a heart shaped beef. There was no sides at all. Addition of sides cost RM 14 and above for things like potatoes, french fries, salad etc.

I had a sweet smoothie like blueberry and mixed berry cocktail (RM 39) with mix of rum inside. I guess rum always make the cocktail tasty.

Chocolate Fondant with Last Polka Gula Melaka Ice-Cream (RM 28) 

Like all other Italian ice-creams, this is just heavenly. But the best part is the Gula Melaka ice-cream  makes it unique compared to having chocolate fondant with the ubiquitious vanilla ice-cream.

After that. we had a bottle of Beronia red wine, in the dark room upstairs which was very romantic with very little lighting on each table.

The washroom upstairs is called "The Aviary" with chirps of birds, and the entire wall full of pictures of birds. It is a very elaborately done washroom.

Add: No. 30, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL
Tel: 03 2201 3846

Business Hours:
12 pm - 3 pm, 6 pm- 3 am

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