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Ante @ Publika

A revisit to Ante at Publika is definitely worthwhile. Long time ago, I came here with my parents and friend. Hence, when my friend Eddy asked me to join a group of foodies to eat here, there is no hesitation! In fact, I was so excited with this revisit.

Ante was established since October 2012. It has been nominated as Best Place for Meats in 2014, and winners in 2015 (Time Out KL awards). It  is a romantic yet cosy restaurant located at the area of Publika that faces the road. In order to reach here from the main Publika BIG, is by going to Daiso, down the stairs, and then to the Pappa Rich coffee shop and straight to Ante which is near Bestari Mamak.

Ante strives to ensure everything is house made from ricotta cheese to smoking their own bacon for certain dishes as well as handpicking and manicuring every piece of pork steak that is served.

House-smoked Bacon (RM 19) 

These three slices of 8 mm bacon are seared to give it a slight crust. The bacon is made raw where the Ante Kitchen team manicures, brines, air dry before smoking it. Although these  look like a normal bacon, these three slices of pork belly bacon are fried till very crispy and tasted so good with seeded mustard.

Miso Pork Belly (RM 19) 

When this arrived, we almost mistaken it for being a peanut kuih!
The12-hour slow cooked belly is done very perfectly with miso glaze and herbed crust  (oven-baked bread crumbs mixed with miso, herbs and thyme butter).  Sinking my teeth into the soft piece was like entering pork heaven. The herbed crust also adds to the contrast of the soft belly.

Tasting Platter (RM 46) 

The day before I just watched a Cantonese Travel and Living show about the jamon in Italy hanging like turkey in row after row. This contains premium cold cuts of jamon iberico and my favourite - cubes of smoked duck breast. I could not stop myself from taking piece after piece of jamon iberico! The duck breast is tender, juicy and succulent. Every one of us, when we took a piece of the orange coloured cubes, we were shocked that they were actually grilled rockmelon with ricotta cheese sprinkled on top, tasting quite sweet. The sour dough bread reminded me of dining experience in a sophisticated Italian restaurant, except that I am eating it with lescure butter.

Crispy Trotter Salad (RM 29) 

Initially, it came as a surprise for a place to have crispy pork skin salad as to me, it is like eating Thai food except  that the dressing is lighter and not spicy but done with french vinaigrette. Pork trotter skin is fried till crispy and adorned on a top of mixed lollo lettuce,  fresh pomegranate, shredded young papaya, and toasted pecans with fresh vinaigrette dressing.

Garden Duck (RM 27) 

Duck breast are paired with baby  romaine and   tossed with pecans, cherry tomatoes and zesty orange brandy dressing. It is complimented with juicy grilled watermelons that is also quite unique though some might not like it.

Passionfruit Juice (RM 13) 

The juice is super sour for my friend by I felt it is refreshing.

Sangria (RM 19) 

The Red Sangria is much better with more flavour than the white sangria which was concocted with pineapple and tasted too sweet.

Ante Signature Pork Steaks 

The signature pork dish category has increased to include a total of 4 cuts, each with its own signature sauce and accompaniments. The chargrilled pork steaks features different cuts of the pig that are grilled to ensure texture, and flavour and every dish is paired with carefully picked sauces. Ante handpicks and manicures every dish and even ensure the temperature is checked for doneness before serving. We could also add any of the sides for RM 7 whereas fries cost RM 10 for additions.

Pork Shoulder (RM 52) 

This is well marbled out of the side of the bone. This part is super tender, soft and has some fats in it. In summary, just unforgettable including the super soft mashed potato which has turned me from a person who dislikes mashed potato to one who likes eating this.

Pork Striploin Blackpepper Sauce (RM 38) 

I like this because it is tender lean meat with caramelised onions and frisee and oak lettuce. Sides of fries is placed at the side.

Pork Striploin Diane (RM 42)

This tender lean meat with strip of charred fat, cooked Diane style in a bed of grown pea mash with roasted russet potatoes and mushroom brandy sauce. I am not that favourable of green pea mash but I like the pork meat nevertheless.

Char Siu Curry Cream Pasta (RM 33) 

The house made marinated char siu tasted so tasty with the sides slightly crispy. It went well with very super creamy curry, which is different from conventional pasta or even curry. It still retains the Japanese part of it with the shimeji mushroom and grilled eggplant. This is my favourite spaghetti amongst the rest.

ANTE Carbonara (RM 30) 

The carbonara contains streaky bacon, white button mushroom, parmesan cheese, parsley and egg yolk. The streaky bacon is also crispy.

Garlic Olio Pasta (RM 26) 

This contains pasta cooked with fried garlic, bacon, mushrooms, wine.


Apple Crumble 

This is a big piece of apple crumble pie with large pieces of apples in between which adds to the sweetness between the pastry. It is paired with maple syrup and also vanilla ice-cream.

Creme Brulee 

This is just normal and not much to shout about probably because I am not a big fan of cream.

Varlhona Chocolate Slice

The best is always served last. Finally my most anticipated dessert from the dessert menu arrived! The Varlhona dark chocolate is so thick, rich and sinful that I felt guilty for eating it while on a diet plan. The dark chocolate is adorned with a crisp feuilltine base with cocoa soil, almond flakes, Earl Grey infused cream and fresh strawberries and blueberries. The chocolate was so good that it can be eaten by itself.

As usual, Ante never fails to disappoint again and again. The food and drinks are all served by affable waitresses. The light bulbs dim as the evening becomes night.

Tel: 03-62063364
Add: Ante, Solaris Dutamas Publika, No. 9, A2, G1, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL, Malaysia

Branches in KL / PJ : 
1 UTAMA Operating hours: Sunday - Thursday

Lot F346, First Floor, New Wing, Rainforest 10 am - 10 pm

One Utama Shopping Centre Friday - Saturday

Bandar Utama 47800 Selangor 10 am – 10.30 pm

● PUBLIKA Operating hours: Sunday - Thursday

A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas 1, 11 am – 10.30 pm

Jalan Dutamas 1, Friday - Saturday

50480 Kuala Lumpur 11 am – 11.30 pm

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