Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kaffa @ Penang International Airport

Someone kept saying that I have worm in stomach as I am already hungry now after having dim sum and la mian for breakfast at Shanghai Ding, our favourite place near Queensbay Mall. So we had lunch at Kaffa, which is relatively new. I like the retro feel of this place.

Seafood Japanese 6" Crust (RM 13.87) 

This is not tasty as the crust is not as crispy as Japanese pizza. I feel that the pizza is not tasty at all though there were juicy pineapples. It just taste weird to eat chicken pepperoni instead of the common reddish beef pepperoni. I could not even finish the pizza.

Chicken Popcorn (RM 12.45)

It seems weird that I actually like Chicken Popcorn! It is crispy yet one could taste the meat inside.

Hot Salted Caramel Macchiato (RM 14.43) 

This is so far the best salted caramel macchiato I have had. The combination of of saltiness from the salt, sweetness of caramel, and bitterness of macchiato were simply perfect.


Add: Kaffa Espresso Bar, Penang International Airport, 11900 Penang 

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