Sunday, September 16, 2018

Rojak/Pasembur @ SS 15

We passed by the famous SS15 rojak many times, but never really tried it before, so on election day 9/5/2018, which was a holiday, we had a try here. Had to queue for about 20 mins for the rojak

The rojak is quite cheap at RM 6 with cuttlefish included! That's even cheaper than fruit rojak! The sauce was truly rich and flavoursome, almost finger-licking good.

The cheapest kuih ever at RM 0.60 per piece and value for money too as the ingredients are rich too! we always make a comeback for the kuih here especially the delicious thin popiah skin with a lot of content inside. The sardine and potato currypuff were also rich too. The sardine is quite spicy too.

It is also refreshing to have the delicious chendol

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