Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar

It seems that whenever I have sushi craving, this is my GO-TO place due to the reasonable price! So I spread the good words to my in-laws as brother-in-law when he came to KL in Jan 2017 as he loves sushi and Japanese food too!

Cheesy Shake Roll (RM 22.80) 

This contains cheese with tuna but done very beautifully.

Sushi Bento (RM 15.90) 

It costs a whopping RM 15.90 for this big bento set on a weekday as it is one of the weekday set lunches! Great fresh sushi!

Yaki Udon Set (RM 16.90) 

This is also one of the weekdays lunch special and it comes with fruits and also cold orange juice! The udon is not bad and has a big portion too!

Sanma Shioyaki Bento Set (RM 10.90) 

Another delicious and tender fish!

Tempura Set (RM 13.90) 

This is quite worth the price paid too! Tempura much better than the one at Mid Valley food court for the price paid!

Salmon Sashimi (RM 18) 

Oh did I tell you that if you come on Friday, there is a Buy 1 free 1 Salmon sashimi offer? Thats just amazing! And this is much fresher and displayed in a prettier manner than the RM 25-30 sashimi at Three Brothers.

Tori Karaage Special (RM 5.80) 

There was also a special promo on Karaage of only RM 5.80 instead of more than that! My nephew likes this as well as most of their family.

Furai Salmon Skin (RM 6.80) 

It seems that everywhere my mum-in-law goes, she loves to order fish skin! And luckily I like it too!

Ebi Tempura (RM 17.80) 

My clever nephew has developed a liking for tempura from today onwards so his dad ordered the entire ebi tempura ala-carte specially for him!

Some tasty sushi ate are my favourite seaweed which I discovered Jeremiah likes it too! We happen to all like sashimi salmon, butterfish and also fish roe!

While the promo is still on, do post a photo of their food and tag them on Facebook and get a free mochi / ice-cream! Do opt for the mango ice-cream!

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