Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sae Seoul

It was my leave day and I went all the way to Kuchai Lama to find BBQ pork meat slices for my mother-in-law but it seems that the Bee Hiang shop was closed down there so I ended up buying from the stalls at the roadside. Then  plan to have lunch at a corner coffee shop but saw a notice of a cheap set lunch at Sae Seoul at a whopping RM 9!!!

Kimchi-Jjigae (RM 9) 

This contains seafood kimchi soup, rice and skyjuice. The side dishes are: long beans, kimchi styled bean sprouts and simply original kimchi which is so spicy and thick. The best part is the thick Korean glass noodles inside the soup.

The set also comes with a free dessert i.e. Korean jelly! The kind waiter even added another piece of jelly for me when I tapau!

Bokkeum-Bap (RM 9) 

This amazing Korean Kimchi fried rice is just simply fantastic as it's flavoursome and spicy and come with a lot of ingredients.

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